Turnbull expected to again blame ignorance and unwelcoming Western Culture for Islamist acts of terror, defends Muslim enclaves, practice of Sharia in our suburbs not an issue.


Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull to deliver Speech on National Security approach to Islamic State

Updated about an hour agoTue 24 Nov 2015, 9:06am

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull will deliver a national security statement today outlining his approach to groups like Islamic State (IS).

Key points:

  • Turnbull to make national security statement
  • Speech likely to contrast with February statement by Abbott
  • Concerns raised over new citizenship laws

It is expected to contrast with former PM Tony Abbott’s statement in February, which he delivered at the Federal Police headquarters flanked by six flags.

“In proclaiming this caliphate, the Islamist death cult has declared war on the world,” Mr Abbott said.

Mr Turnbull’s version is likely to reflect a speech he gave in July that warned terrorism should not be underestimated, but the threat from IS should not be overplayed.

“We need to be very careful we don’t get sucked into their strategy and ourselves become amplifiers of their wickedness and significance,” he said in a speech to the Sydney Institute.

Mr Abbott’s February statement included plans to strip dual nationals of their Australian citizenship if they are fighting with terrorists.

That bill is now in the House of Representatives and will pass with Labor’s support.

Concerns over new laws to strip citizenship from terror suspects

Although, some in the Opposition hold strong concerns, including backbencher Melissa Parke.

“I believe the bill is still likely to be judged unconstitutional. In my view the bill remains contrary to the rule of law and the principles of natural justice and as such should not be passed by Parliament,” Ms Parke said.

Labor frontbencher Stephen Jones expressed a reservation that there is no judicial review of the citizenship stripping.

Tony Abbott makes national security address

“I have some concerns about these provisions in the bill. I would not be at all surprised if they were subject to a constitutional challenge and if that constitutional challenge was successful,” he told Parliament.

The Government cites advice from the Solicitor-General that the bill is constitutional, but it has refused requests from Labor and from Parliament’s Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security to provide that advice.

While Labor is backing the bill despite its reservations, Greens MP Adam Bandt will not support it, nor will independent Cathy McGowan.

“My opposition to the bill is not directed at the intent or purpose of the bill,” Ms McGowan said.

“It is focused very clearly at the inclusion of a retrospective provision and, under the cloud of uncertainty, on the constitutional viability of this bill.

“I know that the bill has been amended following recommendations from the Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security, and there have been a raft of necessary amendments.

“But it appears that, even after the amendments have been made, the bill may be constitutionally vulnerable, and if this bill is so very important and critical to the health, safety and welfare of all Australians in the face of terrorism, it should be invincible.”

‘Happy to see individuals with sole Australian citizenship stripped’

But debate rages about the measure, with some in the Coalition like Liberal backbencher Tony Pasin saying he would back the removal of citizenship from people who are not dual nationals.

“Of course, we are speaking here of the automatic loss of citizenship for those who hold dual citizenship,” Mr Pasin told Parliament.

“As for me, I would be happy to see individuals with sole Australian citizenship stripped of that standing if they were to take up arms and fight for a foreign non-power such as Daesh or the Islamic State but, of course, our international conventions prevent us from doing that.”

Labor frontbencher Michelle Rowland is critical of the broader process, telling Parliament the Government has also failed to produce a final report on the rights and responsibilities of citizenship that it promised earlier this year.

“The Government launched a discussion paper entitled Australian citizenship, your right, your responsibility and held a number of public meetings,” Ms Rowland said.

“This process was led by the Assistant Minister for Multicultural Affairs, and then Parliamentary Secretary to the Social Services Minister and the Attorney-General, Senator Fierravanti-Wells, as well as the member for Berowra, who was appointed the special envoy for citizenship.

“From day one this process has been plagued by inconsistency and inadequacy. Most notably, we are still waiting on the outcome of this process, despite the fact that this bill is now being debated,” she said.

A question be asked across this country on social media and in bars is does “Reclaim Australia represent real average Aussies and Australian values”.

Despite attempts by the tellivision media, Get-up, The Greens, Labor, The Fairfax Press, SBS, ABC and most television nedia playing patronising games with polls manipulated by online autobots, the clear answer is yes.

Reclaim is expressing a frustration that many Aussie families are feeling in being heard in this debate about multiculturalism and forced cultural change with our politicians and media showing contempt for the very genuine concerns of a majority of your fellow Australians and why would you want to do that?

Well do something to stop what happened in Paris , New York, Bali and many other places over 20 years or more happening here, stop the bullshit policy that says we cannot discriminate when it comes to Islam.
Stop balming the Australian people and culture for having anything to do with creating this very real and present danger that is Islamist extremism.

Islam is the bad apple that has spoiled to multicultural box, all over the world, in Central Africa, in Northern Africa, in the Middle East, in the UK, throughout the EU, in Rusia, Pakistan, India, China, Malysia and Indonesia Islamic extremism is a real threat to innnocent populations who only want to be able to go on with their lives without the threat of Islam and Sharia hanging over them or their children’s future.

Aussie mum and kids at Sydney rally Sept 2012
Aussie mum and kids at Sydney rally Sept 2012
Islam is not a race, nor is it simply a religion. Black Africans or Americans may be Islamic, many Northern Africans of a very different race are Islamic, Arabs, White Europeans, Indian, Pakistani, Chinese, Malay and Indonesians all make up the over a billion Islamic races.
So we know it as incontrovertible fact that race is not an issue when we talk about Islam.
Yet here in Australia whenever we have normal Aussies try to demonstrate their own concerns about militant Isalimists and the real and present threat to our culture and our childrens future in the street, they are confronted by a vicious and violent opposing demonstration branding them “Racists” organisd by the Socialist Alliance who call them selves “anti racists”, yet what do we hear from the media?
Socialist alliance and their logistical support from the Greens, Labor Left, Get-up, the Fairfax Press, the publicly funded SBS, ABC, are the same mob who organise BDS protests outside Jewish Businesses.
Socialist Alliance Anti Racists are representative of the progressive political thuggery that dominates the politics and media in this country, they are there to spoil and create violence so that the clear message about the very real threat of Islam is muddied in the media.
We should be able to expect a lot more from the police and media in identifying and preventing this disgracefull interference with the democratic and civil rights of a normal Aussie who has a worry with Islam being allowed to voice that concern without being attacked and involved in a confrontation in the street that is clearly designed by the Socialist alliance to deter mums and dads from attending with their kids.
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My aim and purpose being to present an alternative to the Left Progressive Media on important issues including puting a stop to the UN enabled Islamic invasion of Western Democracies and awakening people to the Fraudulent Nature of the UN’s Climate Change agenda.
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Don’t spread hate: Australian leaders call for unity after terror-related Parramatta shooting

Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull once Chairman of Goldman Sachs, we need to respect Islam.
Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull once Chairman of Goldman Sachs, we need to respect Islam.

“After killing an innocent man yesterday (Friday 2 October 2015) by a young teenage Muslim terrorist in Parramatta,
I was astonished to hear the new PM Malcolm Turnbull addressing the public regarding this crime like a spokesman for the Muslims community in Australia.!!

Surprisingly, this brutal crime happened just two or three days after leaders of the Muslim community in Australia demanded the new PM to consult more with them in order to improve the relations between the Muslims and the government.

October 03, 2015: A warning has been issued about the risk of more lone wolf-style attacks as global terror organisations find new ways to radicalise Australian youth.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has joined the band of politicians and Muslim community leaders urging Australians to unite in the wake of yesterday’s fatal terror-related shooting in Parramatta.

The calls for unity follow confirmation that a radicalised 15-year-old boy was responsible for the fatal shooting of a NSW Police Force accountant.

“We believe that his actions were politically motivated and therefore linked to terrorism,” Commissioner Andrew Scipione confirmed today.

Detectives attended Parramatta Mosque today, after learning that the gunman had visited it yesterday.


Police attended the Parramatta Mosque

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has urged people to be sensible.

“We must not vilify or blame the entire Muslim community for the actions of what is, in truth, a very, very small percentage of violent extremist individuals,” Mr Turnbull said today.turnbullslimy

NSW Premier Mike Baird echoed the calls for logic.

“This is not a time to point fingers, for anger to reign… what we have to do is come together and solve it,” Mr Baird said.

Prominent Muslim-Australians have also publicly condemned the attack and vowed to help police wherever they can to crackdown on terrorism

“We will come together, we will work collaboratively with the Federal Government, with the State Government, and also with the agencies to overcome this evil or radicalisation,” Australian Father of the Year Dr Jamal Rifi said.


An exclusion zone was declared  as police investigated the attack.

Keysar Trad from the Islamic Friendship Association, said the radicalised gunman did not represent Muslims in Australia.

“My message is always very, very clear – that our religion promotes friendship and love and goodwill,” Mr Trad said.

Unity and cooperation is needed to combat the growing issued of radicalised young Australian, terrorism researcher Professor Greg Barton said.

“Given the level of radicalisation – hundreds of young Australians radicalised, over 300 stopped from travelling to the Middle East – we have to brace ourselves for this getting much worse before it gets better,” Professor Barton said.

The police investigation will focus on identifying people who may have influenced the 15-year-old gunman, and will look into how he was radicalised.

Mr Scipione said the question of how to stop radicalisation was “the global question at the moment”.

12 thoughts on “Turnbull expected to again blame ignorance and unwelcoming Western Culture for Islamist acts of terror, defends Muslim enclaves, practice of Sharia in our suburbs not an issue.

    1. Our media and education system has been captured by those who call themselves progressives, they follow celebrity and media personalities and bow down to the UN as some great ideal of us all living together in some multicultural world. We live in a world where the lies of Islam are fooling far too many and too few have the courage to stand up, Tony Abbott was our elected Prime Minister he had courage, and he should still be Prime Minister except that the media scared enough members of his own party into thinking he could not win the next election, so he was undermined and deposed as leader of his own party. The Australian people did not vote for this guy.


  1. The four Sunni legal authorities define land not yet in control of islam , were Jews and Christians are not under control of the Islamic social order paying the non muslim poll tax as enemy land . Islam declared war on us and the war is still ongoing : Quran 9:29 – fight those until the last day who do not practice the religion of truth being those who were given the book until they pay the poll tax out of hand and are humbled on their knees. Australia we are at war .
    ” non believers are the vilest of animals ” Quran

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  2. Australian Politicians need to wake up and fast before Australia ends up like the UK……..there is no place in Australia for Islam or Sharia law……if Muslims want to come and live in Australia they must abide by Australian Laws, and if not then go back to there own country……

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  3. Mr Turncoat, 1400 years of documented violence, 270 Million slaughtered in the name of Islam and you still say Islam is a religion of peace? And Hitler was a pacifist I suppose. You are indeed an optimist.

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