Cruz asks a simple question of leading Global Warming advocate, It gets ugly when religious dogma parading as science, is called out

Source: Cruz vs warmist. It’s ugly | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

This is really worth the time, if you really want understand where the centre logical and scientific mass of the Climate Change debate lies, just take the time to watch this one.

The old Stalinist propaganda line “over ninety percent support me” and we will have the names and addresses of the others soon enough,

Repeat, repeat, repeat, they have fallen back to the last line of defence, moron bait Soviet style propaganda.

If you repeat something loud enough, often enough and long enough, it become part of the conventional wisdom, an unquestioned truth for the unquestioning.


Senator Ted Cruz tests the global warming certainties of the Sierra Club president Aaron Mair.

It is astonishing how little he knows and how much help he needs from staff. Warmists really are not comfortable in debates, have you noticed?

(Via Catallaxy Files.)

Source: Cruz vs warmist. It’s ugly | Herald Sun Andrew Bolt Blog

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