Putin warns this is “Holy War” with warning he will shoot down Aussie F18s over Syria

Russia Warns ‘Holy War’ Will Accelerate, Issues Dire Warning To Australia

Posted by EU Times on Oct 8th, 2015

The Ministry of Defense (MoD) is reporting today that not only has the Federation refused to accede to NATO’s demands to curb the furious airstrikes pummeling Islamic terror forces in Syria, it will “soon” greatly increase them as this conflict is now being openly described in the Kremlin as a “Holy War” to protect the Christian peoples in this region from being exterminated.

The Kremlin’s calling of this war a Holy Crusade, it’s important to note, has been echoed by the Russian Orthodox Church whose official spokesman, Vsevolod Chaplin, stated this week:

Russian Bombers take on ISIS
Russian Bombers take on ISIS

“The fight with terrorism is a holy battle and today our country is perhaps the most active force in the world fighting it.The Russian Federation has made a responsible decision on the use of armed forces to defend the People of Syria from the sorrows caused by the arbitrariness of terrorists. Christians are suffering in the region with the kidnapping of clerics and the destruction of churches. Muslims are suffering no less.”

His Holiness Patriarch Kirill further stated his support for Russian military action in Syria and said: “…it was with pain in the heart that the Orthodox have learned about numerous cases of violence against Christians in the region, abductions and ruthless killings of bishops and monks, and barbaric destruction of ancient churches.”

To how vital the protection of Christian peoples around the world has become to both the Church and Kremlin, was further exampled by the correct lamentations His Holiness offered to those killed in America recently at the hands of an Islamic terrorist:

“The Russian Orthodox Church is deeply grieved to learn about the terrible terrorist action in a college in the state of Oregon in the United States, in which peaceful people were killed. What makes the tragedy even graver is that the killer consciously chose to victimize young people who confess Christianity.

This glaring inhuman act confirms once again that Christianity has become the most persecuted religion in the world. Extremists in various parts of the world increasingly seek to provoke hatred and enmity among religions and nations, for which they are ready to commit the most inhuman evil deeds”

Russian Weapons systems
Russian Weapons systems

Though the West, especially the Obama regime, continue to refuse to acknowledge to their peoples the truth about this war, this report notes, the same cannot be said of their Saudi Arabian allies whose top clerics this week called for their own holy war against Russia and vowed their support for the Islamic terrorists killing Christians.

Anton Gerashchenko, an adviser to the US-EU backed Ukrainian regime Interior Minister Arsen Avakov, this report continues, quickly took up the call of these Saudi clerics calling for his nation to help these Islamic terrorists in killing Russian soldiers…which was quickly met by his being charged for a war crime by Russian prosecutors.

Even more perplexing, this report says, is the Obama regime refusing to help Russia fight these Islamic terrorists thus leading the Kremlin to ask the Americans “Which side are you fighting for?

Also to be noted, this report says, is Britain’s support for these Islamic terrorists too as new documents have been released showing how they secretly supported Saudi Arabia’s bid to become of a member of the United Nations Human Rights Council—a very shocking occurrence as the Saudis have now condemned to death by beheading and crucifixion two teenagers who did nothing more than help protesters bandage their wounds.

British PM David Cameron with Saudis
British PM David Cameron with Saudis


When asked by Channel 5 newsman Jon Snow how Britain could support such a brutal and despotic regime, Prime Minister David Cameron claimed it was because the British government has “a relationship with Saudi Arabia.”

Also having a “relationship” with Saudi Arabia and its Islamic terrorists in Syria and Iraq, this report says, is Australia—who has recently been discovered to have shipped hundreds, if not thousands, of Toyota Hilux vehicles to ISIS/ISIS terrorists, vehicles so vital to these madmen that BBC correspondent David Loyn went so far as to rank the Hilux among the “great game-changers of modern warfare” and which the Center for a New American Security warned “is the vehicular equivalent of the AK-47.”

Due to Australia’s confirmed support of these Islamic terrorists, this report continues, the MoD issued a warning to the Australian Air Force (RAAF) that should their fighter jets come within range of Aerospace Forces over the war zone they could possible be shot down—a warning that was heeded leading Australia to cease flying any missions whatsoever.

And as to which exact Islamic terrorist groups in Syria and Iraq are being supported by the Obama regime, Britain and Saudi Arabia, this report notes, has become so confounding that the Russian Embassy in the United Arab Eremites was forced to send out a tweet to Saudi Arabia asking for a picture puzzle clarification.

RAAF F18 Hornets headed for Syria
RAAF F18 Hornets headed for Syria

Not being confused, however, about whom these Christian killing Islamic terrorists are, this report says, are Russian Aerospace Forces, who since they launched their air campaign in Syria on 30 September, have made 120 combat sorties that hit 110 targets in just over a week and destroyed:

  • 71 armored vehicles •30 other vehicle •19 command facilities •2 communication centers •23 depots with fuel and ammunition •6 plants used to make IEDs, including car bombs •several artillery pieces •several training camps

Joining the Aerospace Forces in pounding these Islamic terrorists into oblivion, this report further notes, are Federation naval forces that have begun destroying targets with precision guided cruise missiles fired from the Caspian Sea—after which Syrian army forces began a massive ground campaign to take back their nations territory and protect Christian lives.

And to how effective Russia has been in destroying these Islamic terrorists, this report concludes, was best stated by Syria’s Deputy Foreign Minister, Faisal Mekdad, who said earlier today: “The airstrikes carried out by Russia’s aerospace forces over just several days achieved much greater results than the international coalition did within more than a year since its establishment.”

To what the Obama regime and its terrorist supporting allies are going to do now is anyone’s guess—but with the Russian bear now walking in the deserts of the Middle East, they all know now the deadly seriousness of this Holy War. After all, if the might of Nazi Germany couldn’t stop these people last century, who is able to stop them now?

13 thoughts on “Putin warns this is “Holy War” with warning he will shoot down Aussie F18s over Syria

  1. To say Australia is supporting ISIS is a lie and considering our airforce is busy bombing ISIS it is an absurd claim. The so called Holy War is about Russia wishing to keep and expand its military interest in Syria and this is why its bombings have mostly targeted non-ISIS targets. The supposed humanitarian actions of Putin are also contradicted by the indiscriminate targeting of Syrian civilians.


  2. Toyotas from Australia are all Right Hand Drive. We drive on the left side of the road here (opposite to most countries). Look at the picture. These Hilux are not Aussie spec. Bad intel basic error by the author. Joke intel? Where is comical Ali these days? The toyota spec used by ISIS is the same as Turkish toyotas …. would make more sense if they were bought locally in neighbouring countries.

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  3. Australia is not really “in” Syria with a ground presence, we visit briefly for a few minutes to drop precision munitions on ISIS extremists from great altitude. Bombing ISIS is pretty much in the whole world’s interest – Vlad has followed Australia’s lead on this one and raised it to a new level which is very welcome.

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  4. To point the finger at Putin is naive at best. Let me explain below.

    ISIS was formed with the assistance of the US/UK after their populations voted not to go in.
    Once ISIS were set up to not target only Christians, but to cause a war between Shia and Sunni Muslims. The Syria minority Shia are also targeted by the Sunni majority in Syria. This is not sitting well with Iran and Irag, both vast majority Shia. This would destabilize the only truly multi religion/ethnic enclave in the middle east.
    Why suddenly is the US softening their embargoes on Iran? This will draw Iran into the conflict, which will in turn draw Israel in. Israel don’t want Iran anywhere near their border.
    The industrial war complex wants this. War is good for business. Why has Russia done more in 2 weeks than the coalition has in a year?

    Putin is the only leader trying to prevent this from escalating.

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    1. This is simply a lie. Where is your evidence? You are pedalling propaganda favored by the Syrian regime and some people on the Left. It is a distortion based on Western nations backing of the overthrow of the Syrian regime. However, this did not involve supporting ISIS. Whether this policy was a wise course or not it was a reation to the excesses of the Syrian regime.

      America, ironically, was also criticised for not doing enough to overthrow Assad.

      Incidentally, Assad allowed Al Qaeda to infiltrate Iraq from his country to distabilise the American occupation. The blowback from this was ISIS which grew out of Al Qaeda. It is true that the American policy of eliminating members of the Baath party from government and the army in Iraq was misguided and also contributed to the recruitment to IS but this is not the same as saying America backed IS.

      America, by the way, is not ‘drawing Iran into the Syrian conflict. Iran is quite capable of doing this all on its lonesome. The West and Iran have a common enemy in IS. Obama has been widely criticised on the Right in America for withdrawing sanctions on Iran. It has nothing to do with the ‘industrial wr complex’ that this has happened. It is from a relatively centrist ‘liberal’ position of Obama that it is preferable to avoid conflict with Iran and to hopefully give room for the moderates to influence the regime. This may or may not prove true but it is nothing to do with promoting war – quite the opposite.

      And what exactly has Russia done in two weeks? it has bombed the hell out of opponents of the regime with some inclusion of IS targets and no attempt to avoid mass civilian casualties. it says something for the different wotkings of an authoritarian country as opposed by democratic Western nations that today, more than ever, are aware of public opinion and the desire to limit civilian casualties.


  5. As I am not living in America it is rare that I watch those TV channels. Do you watch Syrian government and Russian TV? Of course American TV is a little different to Russian TV because in Russia people can only hear and view what Putin approves. In America, although the Left has a stranglehold on Hollywood, it is possible to get both Right and Left wing views in the news. Interestingly, the Right, of course, is not always pro-administration, especially with a Democrat president
    . Strangely, elements of the far Right actually admire Putin and go in for various ant-American conspiracy theories, just like the far Left.


  6. I think that Putin has the sense, and commitment to know that Saudi Arabia is arguably the largest supplier of ordinance to ISIS. Having said that, I view with alarm his comments about shooting down Aussie planes. That doesn`t make sense, as they are fighting ISIS, and those comments are very dangerous for the future of the world.


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