Progressive expectations: Turnbull and Bishop should break promise and move on Gay Marriage, Climate Change and Refugee Asylum policy

Don’t spread hate: Australian leaders call for unity after terror-related Parramatta shooting

Turnbull tells Aussies
Turnbull tells Aussies “don’t spread hate”

“After killing an innocent man (Friday 2 October 2015) by a young teenage Muslim terrorist in Parramatta,
I was astonished to hear the new PM Malcolm Turnbull addressing the public regarding this crime like a spokesman for the Muslims community in Australia.!! Surprisingly, this brutal crime happened just two or three days after leaders of the Muslim community in Australia demanded the new PM to consult more with them in order to improve the relations between the Muslims and the government.

October 03, 2015: A warning has been issued about the risk of more lone wolf-style attacks as global terror organisations find new ways to radicalise Australian youth.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has joined the band of politicians and Muslim community leaders urging Australians to unite in the wake of yesterday’s fatal terror-related shooting in Parramatta. The calls for unity follow confirmation that a radicalised 15-year-old boy was responsible for the fatal shooting of a NSW Police Force accountant.

“We believe that his actions were politically motivated and therefore linked to terrorism,” Commissioner Andrew Scipione confirmed today.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has urged people to be sensible.

“We must not vilify or blame the entire Muslim community for the actions of what is, in truth, a very, very small percentage of violent extremist individuals,” Mr Turnbull said today.

NSW Premier Mike Baird echoed the calls for logic.

“This is not a time to point fingers, for anger to reign… what we have to do is come together and solve it,” Mr Baird said.

Malcolm Turnbull once Chairman of Goldman Sachs
Malcolm Turnbull once Chairman of Goldman Sachs

Malclom Turnbull should take his “we must not spread hate” message around the world, big question I would ask is this, has the guy actually worked out who he should be directing this message to.

Just like the UN the usurper of the Austrlian Leadership will not call it straight, he will not point the finger, or call out the perpetrators of this evil and violence as a true leader would, at least Israel has a leader who does not sell out his own people and culture, Benjamin Netanyahu – בנימין נתניהו

Malcolm Turnbull, Mike Baird in fact the whole self appointed media and political moralising elite nearly fell over each other while not wanting to get ahead of one another as they were just itching to berrate those horrible white Aussies, those red-necked racists who lurk out there in suburb land who cause these beautifull Muslim Kids to feel so lonely here in Australia.

Do the Israeli people know as they are attacked in their streets, does everyone in the northern half of Africa, the middle east, Europe and the USA know, that according to Australia’s progressive media and political elite who just endorsed and supported a political coup, deposing the popularly elected Prime Minister Tony Abbott, according to these UN hugging progressives it is the average suburban Aussie (Redneck) who is to blame for the Islamists violence we are all experiencing, its not Islam’s fault at all, we make them feel lonely and isolated which leads to radicalisation and ultimately Islamist acts of murder and terrorism.

UN's Ban Ki-Moon and Gaza Hamas Leader Mahmud Abbas
UN’s Ban Ki-Moon and Gaza Hamas Leader Mahmud Abbas

What was it they told us the other week when an inocent accountant was gunned down by a 15 year old who walked straight from the Mosque to a police station in Sydney, and shot in cold blood an innocent who was just leaving work to go home to his family. They kid yelled “Allah Akbar” What did our media and leaders tell us, they announced we must stop spreading hatred, this is not the time for finger pointing or anger, don’t spread hate, we must not villify or blame the Muslim community, the message is always very, very clear that our religion promotes friendship and love and goodwill, by far the greater majority of the Muslim community are wonderful, peace loving Aussie loving care bears.

Its just those Aussie’s in the outer suburbs, and the regions, the farmers, country people, the outback, in fact all those rednecks who don’t live within 10km of a major CBD, they eat bacon, think like christians, drink alcohol and their women don’t dress properly, especially in summer when they go to the beach they are whores, yet the Aussies don’t appreciate it when we tell them this, they are ignorant to the ways of Allah and the governement really should educate them in the Sharia if they don’t want more violence in their communities, because there are going to be a lot more of us, and a lot more Mosques in your suburb, maybe next to your house.

So then if Aussies spreading hatred are causing the so called politically motivated murders in Australia, then what is causing the same or very similar murder, violence, butchery, torture and enslaving of people through, Europe, Africa, the middleast up to Chechnya in Russia and across through Pakistan into China and India.

If the motive is political Mr Turnbull then surely it is your responsibility to explain this political risk to us, and if by telling us not to spread hate, not to villify or blame, finger point or get angry, then I would ask you quite simply why you felt the immediate response required was to view the Ausralian public as the real threat, why the prioity to lecture us, while cuddling up to and reassuring the Islamists host community, the local incubator of Islamic Terrorism as it is throughout the world, even surprise surprise in places where there is not an Aussie Redneck as you latte sippers like to call ordinary Aussie suburban folks, yes there is the same so called radicalised Islamic Terrorism occurring even where there is not one red-necked Aussie in sight.

Sydney CBD, September 15, 2012. Muslims protest release of movie in USA
Sydney CBD, September 15, 2012. Muslims protest release of movie in USA

So Mr Turnbull you are the big smarty pants lawyer, the one who can rob a rightfull elected Prime Minster of the Leadership of this country, how do you answer that question and tell us the truth at the same time.

See that is the problem Malcolm Turnbull, you and your gutless grubbs will never be seen as legitimate, Tony Abbott won the popular vote at the last two Federal Elections in Australia, because he was fighting to bring the truth to the Australian people, not the pre-masticated crapp we keep hearing from the self appointed political elite of this country who infest our progressive media and politics.

Your dishonesty is gross and manifest in the media and progressive cohort exasperation and impatience as they wait for the inevitable, remember it is ok for the cellebrity elite progressive UN loveing set to break their promises, so when are you going to do it, you know.

Let the asylum seekers come as the UN sees fit, just like in Germany, shut down the coal industry and all mines and farming while you are at it, shut down “The Australain” and ban Murdoch from employing or owning anything in Australia in fact execute him if he sets foot in the country.

UN Logo
UN Logo

Sign up to whatever the UN wants in Paris, the more power and authority the UN bureaucracy has the more power you and our other elites will inherit when you beat Kevin Rudd to the position of President of the World or was that President of the Universe, I think that was Rudd, your thinking is more grounded than Kevin’s.

Oh and then we come to the third of our promises and how to get around any assurances you might have made on your way up, the question of Gay Marriage, it is a bit of an oxymoron, really mate there is and never has been any human right or right to marriage in human history untill it was invented as another lefty progressive politcal point of attack to split the allegiences of the straight community along religious versus secular lines.

Marriage as a concept and a term has always involved a contract or relationship between a man and a woman, being recognised by a recognised authority, same sex people could easily arrange for a similar arrangement but to call it marriage at this point in time is a malicious insult and attack on the values people of religious belief along with a large number of people who may not consider themselves religious but just feel that they should have the right to believe that gay marriage is not something they necessarily need to be cellibrating, and do not feel the hectoring and lecturing from politicians and the media are a normal part of our national political compact in the Australian culture we grew up in and valued.

If the Gay marriage lobby believe they have the sort of support they have claimed in public, then they should be very confident of the outcome of a plebiscite, all the impatience, moaning and groaning suggests they had been given some assurance not to worry the Aussie people did not need to have a say. Now they are desperate because their lies won’t survive an honest and open debate, which is what they have been trying to avoid by employing money, celebrity and media propaganda bluff.

So is Malcolm Turnbull expected to keep his word to his fellow party members and coalition partners, or can he bank on a free pass from the media to pass all the Green and Labour policies, and then what?  Jump back to the Labor Party?

It is not over yet, in fact we are just starting mate.

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