Tony Abbott got it right, EU cannot continue on current course without cultural catastrophe

The EU should heed former Australian PM on migration

TONY ABBOTT, the former prime minister of Australia, has long been a beacon of common sense.

PUBLISHED: 07:02, Thu, Oct 29, 2015 | UPDATED: 09:02, Thu, Oct 29, 2015

Tony Abbott

 Tony Abbott has urged the EU to send back migrant boats

He has now urged EU leaders to close their borders to illegal migrants and to turn back boats that try to make it across the Mediterranean.
Abbott stops refugee people smuggling into Australia 2013
Abbott stops refugee people smuggling into Australia 2013
His is the voice of experience and European leaders would be wise to listen. During his time in office he took a hard line against people traffickers and illegal migrants.
When people from impoverished countries were taking to the seas in flimsy vessels trying to reach Australia the response was clear: they would not be allowed through.

Refugees drown as people smuggler boat wrecked on rocks at Christmas Island
Refugees drown as people smuggler boat wrecked on rocks at Christmas Island

Lo and behold the boats stopped.

Not only has this prevented Australia from being overwhelmed with new arrivals desperate for housing and benefits but it has saved many would-be migrants from a watery grave and put people traffickers out of business.

Clear headed logic is needed
Anybody with a grain of common sense can see that this is what Europe should have been doing all along.
Tragically though the response to this crisis has not been governed by clearheaded logic. Instead, guided by a fatuous desire to come across as kind and caring, European politicians have rolled out the welcome mat.

Abbott turns back the refugee boats 2013
Abbott turns back the refugee boats 2013


To date more than 700,000 migrants are thought to have landed on Mediterranean shores while countless others have perished on the way. And still, as winter approaches, the boats continue to set off from North Africa.

This is where the current soft-headed approach has got us. It can’t go on.

Our nation is at stake, says Nick Ferrari

SHE tried, Britain’s Home Secretary Theresa May. Lord knows she tried.

PUBLISHED: 16:00, Sun, Oct 11, 2015 | UPDATED: 16:00, Sun, Oct 11, 2015

Theresa May and the Jungle migrant camp in Calais

 Home Secretary Theresa May; The scale of the ever-increasing Jungle camp in Calais

However, depressingly, yet again a call for a true examination and assessment of the impact of immigration has been drowned out by the wholly predictable cries of racism.

If you TRULY have a problem with this country examining the issue of mass immigration that saw more than 300,000 people arrived here last year according to the official net migration figures – and the highly likely prediction that figure will be matched or bettered this year – then look away now.

If, however, you agree that everything from jobs to water and hospitals to housing is affected by this then welcome to the real world.

Home Secretary Theresa May tried to talk about that at the Conservative Party conference in Manchester last week.

But her vital message was drowned out by the dismal and predictable future leadership beauty parade babble that was always going to come out of that baffling kitchen confession from Prime Minister David Cameron, prior to the General Election earlier this year, that he’s close to throwing in the towel and putting his feet up after retirement.

The suggestion made by Mrs May that social cohesion in Britain is harmed by mass migration is true.

Yes; you read that correctly.

It is true that mass migration harms the nation’s social cohesion.

And anyone who denies or ignores this is putting in jeopardy everything this nation has stood for down the years.

Theresa May giving speech at Tory party conference

Home Secretary tried to talk sensibly about immigration at the Tory party conference last week

It is simply not acceptable to continue peddling the lie that this nation should still open its arms to anyone and everyone who wants to get here.Sit in a busy A & E unit in any city or major town and see how quickly you get attended to.Try fighting your way to the top of any housing list in the same area.Or have a quick scan of the school lists in the area and realise just how many places we need to fill.We are thousands behind where we should be regarding school places and tens of thousands of places behind where we need to be to help provide people with the means by which they can put a roof over their heads.

Any attempt to try to highlight or even explore this is instantly dismissed as racist and tragically, the reaction to May’s speech serves only to underscore that.

Busy A&E waiting room in an NHS hospital

 Mass migration is putting serious strain on the infrastructure of institutions like the NHS
Can anyone tell me where the slightest problem lies with the Home Secretary’s assertions that the large numbers of people arriving in this country put extraordinary pressure on schools, hospitals and housing?Is it so wrong for her to suggest it has the potential to ensure building a cohesive society becomes nigh impossible?Where’s the problem with her saying the employment prospects of so many of our young people could be blighted by the continuing rises in the level of immigration?When did it suddenly become a crime to look after our own?That is, predictably, the saddest part of this whole debate.

We have somehow managed to get to a point at which it is seen as a racist act to stand up for the people of Britain.

Racist to worry if those born in this country and who have been paying into the gigantic tax take for decades can expect speedy NHS treatment.


More refugees arrive in Europe

More refugees arrive in the Greek port town of Lesbos this week
A country that struggles to educate, employ and house its own – let alone many from other deprived parts of the globe who choose to come here – is clearly facing many challenges.The response from the Left has been as dull as it has been unproductive.Suddenly any sober reflection or interpretation of the Home Secretary’s words is made impossible by their dreary and wrong bleatings.It is palpably insane that a Home Secretary who has served for more than five years would choose to give the sort of speech that could be expected of someone who has just got the job.This was the conference equivalent of “ not me Guv!”

However, the issues she tried to tackle are deserving of the closest examination.

How can it be right that so many struggle to pay their tax yoke at the same time knowing their children will fare even worse than themselves.

The immediate and misfounded cries of racism must be ignored if we are to get even a smidgen closer to a resolution.

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