ISIS only a symptom of Muslim killer disease, Western Governments & Media negligent in allowing its spread.

ISIS didn’t radicalize them, they were already radicalized.

November 28, 2015

Paul Cooper

The mainstream media are unscrupulously promoting their ingenuous utopian view, that all is needed to stop ISIS is to avoid making unpleasant criticisms on social media, and for western society to refrain from being so ‘Islamophobic’.

Unfortunately the majority of individuals are swallowing this forced medicinal psychosis unsuspectingly. Sunshine, rainbows and unicorns are a much easier sell than the bitter tasting painful medicine of reality.

Radicalised Youths with Moderate Muslim Mum taking in the Aussie Outdoors

The truth of the matter is; members of the Muslim community who decide to join ISIS are already victim to the romanticism of the caliphate and were so long before ISIS came along. This historical romanticism has been rebranded, and is now simply referred to as ‘radicalized’.

To question this aforementioned romanticism, would be to question Islam itself. To question the totalitarian, oppressive and expansionistic nature of Islamic caliphates would indeed require an inquiry into Islam itself, and also require we bring the topic of the Prophet Muhammad into the mainstream. We all know in the omnipresent climate of political correctness and unsanctioned Islamic blasphemy edicts, this becomes a monumental challenge.

The romanticism for the caliphate is inherent with Islamic scripture. Western society unwittingly permits the politicisation and introduction of such notions into the Islamic community as contemporary views. Groups such as Hizb ut-Tahrir –established in 1953 – have for decades preached the glory of the caliphate, and they continue freely and unabridged to this day in doing so. Traditional Islamic scripture coupled with contemporary politicisation – by groups like Hizb ut-Tahrir – promoting the Islamic caliphate is nothing new, nothing new at all. The difference now, is we have a group declaring, “this caliphate we all know about, well we have one now.”

With fundamental penchants and desires already established, the progression to join the ranks of ISIS is significantly smaller than what the mainstream are able to comprehend.

What do you think is an easier and lower risk topic for the cowardly mainstream to divert attention; the biography of Muhammad and the history of Islamic caliphates or ‘Islamophobia’ and social media? We certainly know it isn’t Muhammad. The majority of media outlets will not even show a picture of him. Even in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo massacre at the beginning of this year – where 12 innocent people died for the sin of drawing a cartoon of Muhammad – they flatly refused.

Consequently, due to Islam being granted special category status by western society, the utterly vile and deplorable culture of introspection is introduced whenever Islamic massacres occur.

Why didn’t we help these people more?
What should we have done to make them feel franchised into society?
What job opportunities should we have created to have helped steer them away from extremism?

Complimenting this bizarre suicidal culture of unwarranted introspection is the ‘Islamophobia’ myth. It’s the myth for which mainstream popular culture is now completely indoctrinated. It implies than any criticism of Islam whatsoever is a phobia. A phobia is an irrational fear, therefore we are all irrational. This appalling philosophy was elevated to a whole new level recently when Australian journalist Waleed Aly had the sheer audacity and shameless temerity to suggest Australians should, ‘think twice’ before saying something unpleasant on social media, because you’d be giving ISIS, “what they want.”

How utterly absurd, irresponsible and dangerous it is to provide the entire inherent historical context of Islamic caliphates and the contemporary politicisation of them a complete exemption from inquiry and criticism. Unfortunately, by refusing to name the religion which apparently has nothing to do with itself, this is exactly what we are doing.

Creeping Sharia, should Australia be concerned?

October 26, 2015

Paul Cooper

Creeping Sharia is a term familiar to many in the United Kingdom, however it is almost unheard of in Australia. It is gravely important Australians familiarise themselves with the Creeping Sharia concept. In Australia we can learn much from the perpetuating Islamisation of the United Kingdom. The facts and statistics are there for us to reference today: take lessons and enact policies to prevent such cultural changes in our own society.

In 1961 there were only 7 registered Mosques in the entire UK. Muslims accounted for only 0.1% of the population, being 50,000 Muslims in total. Small towns and cities across the country would fly the national flag with pride and without fear of objections from the political correctness police. The term political correctness didn’t actually come into the mainstream till the 1990s.

By 1971 – only ten years later – the Muslim population had grown five times in size. Now almost 250,000 Muslims and accounting for 0.5% of the entire population. The main attributer to this been the mass exodus of Muslims from Pakistan and India in the 1960s.

The year 1991 can be an interesting point of reference for Australians. Firstly, the Muslim population of the UK in 1991 was approximately 2% of the entire population. This is poignant because in Australia today the Muslim population is approximately ~2% of the entire population. Based on the aforementioned figures, Australia is around 22-25 years behind the UK in regards to Islamisation of the population.

The year 1991 (or 2% of total population) was a significant milestone as it saw the visible emergence of Creeping Sharia in the UK. When I say the visible commencement, I refer to changes visible in mainstream British society, as opposed to just confined to the Islamic enclaves within British towns and cities. So what is Creeping Sharia?

Creeping Sharia is the very slow introduction of many subtle social, political and economic adjustments in our society, in order to align with Sharia (the legal frame derived from Islamic teachings). Over a long period of time (a 24 year time period is very appropriate for this article) the subtle adjustments I refer actually culminate in very dramatic changes to everyday life in society overall.

Below are a subset of examples of the many subtle changes in the UK. They were not introduced in a single month or single year, but very slowly over 20 years or more. They are not in any particular order. I know most Australians reading this article will find the below points difficult to comprehend, but this has happened and it will happen in Australia. There is no point saying, “cannot happen here,” when Australia is on exactly the same trajectory as the UK was back in 1991. The statistics do not lie, and Australia must take immediate action to protect its culture and way of life.

  1. Schools pressured to change religious denomination to multi-faith and make concessions for the Islamic faith

  2. Classrooms used as Islamic prayer rooms are common place.

  3. Signage in public places changed to be in English and Arabic.

  4. Halal compliant meals in education facilities (schools, colleges, universities, etc.) Items considered Haram such as pork remove from the menu.

  5. Halal certification of food from supermarket retailers. This of course is now mainstream in Australia, with much of the funds reinvested back into further developing the Islamic agenda.

  6. Christian symbols removed from hospitals so not to offend people from the Islamic faith.

  7. Healthcare professionals from the Islamic faith allowed to follow alternate hygiene procedures. For example, allowed to wear special gloves as opposed to using alcohol based liquids.

  8. The introduction of Sharia councils. Yes this will happen in Australia. There are estimated to be around 100 Sharia councils today in the UK.

  9. Parallel legal system for Sharia in conjunction with our own.

  10. Sharia financial services integrated in mainstream financial institutions. For example, Sharia bank accounts and financing. Sharia banking is already becoming prevalent in Australia.

  11. Sharia zones within towns and cities. Though not officially endorsed by the UK government, reporting such incidents to the Police in most cases will be futile. The Police remain averse to being involved in situations considered religiously sensitive. Sharia zones may have street signage and are usually endorsed by groups of Muslim men in the 20-35 age bracket. For those wishing to do more research, look up the Sharia zones in Luton, UK. There are also examples of Sharia zone signage on many websites.

  12. Public advertising covered to adhere to Sharia. What this means in most cases is Muslim men spray painting over public advertising to align it with Sharia values. For example, a Billabong Bikini poster at a bus stop would be sprayed over to cover the skin of the lady in the advertisement. Again, many examples are available for those wishing to do further research.

  13. The treatment of women and children under Sharia deserves its own article. I’m not going to attempt to unravel it here. It is however concerning to those with even a fundamental understanding.

  14. Female genital mutilation. Whilst the mainstream media love to play this down, in January 2015 alone there were 500 new reported cases of FGM within UK hospitals. There are estimated to be 137,000 women in the UK living with the consequences of FGM.

  15. Festive decorations for Christmas no longer continued in certain areas.

  16. Instances, though not widespread, of residents being asked to remove national emblems so not to offend followers of the Islamic faith.

The scariest part is we are only scratching the surface here.

They key message here is that no proposed “minor” change to our culture is too small to challenge, protest and lobby our politicians to prevent. Even if it’s Christmas decorations in our town centre. When small subtle changes culminate over a long period of time the overall cultural change to society is dramatic.

If for one moment you do not think it could happen here in Australia, without it being a concern that the government and the media might at least be prepared to let us discuss and debate in a mature adult fashion, then think again.

Just check out the attached which is a weblink that was attached to a job advertised or a person Experienced in Sharia Law

Muslim Family Mediation, Conciliation and Arbitration Tribunal

Muslim Family Mediation, Conciliation  and Arbitration Tribunal has a special religious position in our Islamic community because it aims to give disputing Muslim parties a choice to resolve their conflicts and achieve a just outcome under Shariah rules.

Sheikh Hisham Obeid trained in Shariah law and a registered marriage celebrant with  Sheikh Yusuf Parker trained in Shariah and a Common law lawyer, with Hafiz Wahid Siddiqi and Imam Saeed Ismail  hear Muslim family matters involving spouse mediation, conciliation, Muslim divorce matters of the Muslim community.

The Sheikhs and Imams are respected leaders of Perth’s Muslim community; and our Common law-trained Muslim lawyers are available to support and assist this Shariah-based dispute resolution system. Quranic and Sunnah principles are applied in all Muslim marriages, divorces or distribution of property determinations and most importantly tribunal proceedings are confidential and impartial.

The mediation tribunal sits at the following:-

  • Islamic Council of Western Australia
  • Al Hidayah Islamic Centre
  • Clarkson Musallah & Islamic Centre
  • Islamic Centre of Western Australia Inc.

As an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) mechanism recognised in Australian justice system, this mediation tribunal readily complements the Australian Family Court.

These meditation tribunals  can assist the Family Court wherever the need arises  when the Court  seeks out a Muslim  mediation resettlement or resolution to resolve the matter in the interests of both parties.

For the low income families and devote Muslims this traditional tribunal is a  better alternative to the expensive and emotionally charged Western litigation process. Unfortunately all West Australians feel the pain of our very expensive litigation system.

One of the great aspects of this tribunal is that it revives traditional Muslim practices of meditation and conciliation that was practiced for centuries by Muslim communities in developing  Muslim jurisprudence.

For additional information in filing an application for a  Muslim family mediation, please contact the following tribunal administrators:-

Sheikh Hisham Obeid at Rivervale Masjid and Community Centre

Islamic Council of Western Australia

Telephone: 0418 881 321


Sheikh Yusuf Parker at Al Hidayah Islamic Centre.

Telephone: 0405 767 217


Hafiz Wahid Siddiqi and  Imam Saeed Ismail at Clarkson Islamic Centre

Telephone: 0412 033 225


Sheikh Faisal Gaffoor

Telephone: 0402 944 664


Jamatul Ulamma WA Inc.

Sheikh Abu Abdullah

Mobile: 0411 262 151

Email: or

Islamic Centre of Western Australia


In November 1997 Australian Law  Reform Commission (ALRC) published a review of the adversarial system of litigation that recommended a re-think of the family law proceedings. ALRC gave strong support for the establishment of an Alternative Dispute Resolution system for all family dispute proceedings.

Issue Paper No.22.

Australian Law Reform Commission (1997) ADR- Family Law

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