A “Silent Majority” of Australians have consistently supported John Howard and Tony Abbott at every Election, bar one, for 20 years consistently rejecting progressive UN aligned agendas of “Climate Change”, “Open borders immigration” and “Gay marriage”, instead supporting our independant National Soveriegnty as a priority.

Turnbull supporters may have their mid term and 2nd year polls and use their media mates as they will, but those of us who understand the political cycle, that hard decisions had to be made, that a leftist ABC, Fairfax and Telivision media generally was continually pushing a UN left Green agenda encourageing Clive Palmer and others in the Senate to block every attempt at responsible repair of the nations budget.

We know that a responsible government has to go in hard to repair what it can early, we know that will always have a short term political cost. We know that smart governments wear the pain in the first two years, keep their powder dry, ignore irrelevant media polling and focus resources and delivery on policy, projects and spending as they move into an election year, giving themselves as much political flexibility as possible.

Turnbull and his mob, played the contempable Labor game, a Game no Liberal Party in Governement had ever done befor, they removed a Prime Minister, and they did it knowing full well he had done all the hard yards and was ready to start cashing in on some of that hard work.

Turnbull and Bishop knew Abbott was about to announce the new $100 million spending and policy on domestic violence, it had been allocated, the policy had been developed with Abbott as Minister for Women over the previous 12 months and was down sign off and announcement at the next Cabinet meeting.

Turnbull moved when he did knowing the Libs were going to win well in Canning and that the hard work on policy and at the Royal commission into Union corruption would eventually damage Shorten, so for Abbott things were about to improve, but only if his own ministers were men and women of Good Character who were prepared to focus on their responsibilities instead of being coopted by the Greens, the UN and the ABC, Fairfax team intent on dfrustrating and estroying the Government that the people had voted for.

Let the unprincipled hypocrites use their statistics as they will, let them say what they think, but let them know just one or two things of fact and political substance, that is that we will never let them tell us what to think, we will never allow them to controle what we may say or do, and many of us have not only voted for the coalition, but we have done the basic hard slog work on the ground for the Liberal Party and the Coalition for many years, the fund raising functions, organising the pre poll voting, maning the polling booths and so much else, and I have never heard so many of the people who have done this for so long, in some caase 30 or 40 years, now vowing they will not work for or vote for this bunch of traitors.

The majority of those polled who say they are happy with Malcolm Turnbulls government are the very same people who have always voted Independant/Green/Labor and they will never cast a vote for a Member of the Liberal party or National party.

So the ABC, the Fairfax press and a whole bunch of Labour and Green supporters are happy to see Tony Abbott ousted surprise , surprise tell me something new, but just remember Tony Abbott and John Howard have consistently won the popular vote at every general election bar one since 1993, and in the end those are the only polls that should count.

 After all the hard work he had done in opposition and in government the very least Abbott had earned was the right to take his Government to an election where his first term performance could be judged by the Australian people a respect and consideration allowed every other first term Liberal Prime Minister.

Malcolm Turnbull in a pathetic and hypocritical display, demands the loyalty that he never gave to the Government or Leader he swore to serve, using questionable media polling, bullying of MPs,  Senior public servants and media mates to muzzle the “Voice” and defy the “Democratic Will” of the Australian people.

Abbott has right to speak
Abbott has right to speak

Tony Abbott and John Howard have won a majority of the popular democratic vote at every general election held in Australia since 1993 bar one and that 2007 Election was won by Kevin Rudd who was subsequently back stabbed by the left progressive elements within the Labor party.

So for over 20 years the progressive left and the dominant progressive Green forces within the Australian media have been determined to frustrate the democratic will of the Australian people in concert with a corrupt Union movement and a UN aligned immigration and Climate change agenda that has been consistently rejected by the Australian electorate at every chance in the only truly democratic poll that counts.

Abbott won two elections for the Liberal Party, but he has been frustrated by independents and members of his own party who have no respect for the democratic will of the people either nationally or in their own electorates.

All have bowed in snivelling servitude to the belligerent will of the left progressive electronic and Fairfax media and twittering class.

This man has a far more legitimate right to speak on behalf of the Australian people than any of the other gutless mugs who sit in the Parliament, and far more relevant opinion than any media commentator, as he actually does represent a wider constituency in this democratic nation than any of them.

A string of Cabinet ministers have come forward in support of dumped prime minister Tony Abbott, saying he has the right to defend his legacy.

Cabinet minister Christopher Pyne said he welcomed Mr Abbott’s input following a series of media interviews detailing last month’s leadership change.

I think he’s handled himself with a lot of class and distinction, and I think he’s earned the right to explain to the Australian people what it is he sought to do as prime minister.

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann

Mr Pyne, who was promoted from education minister to Industry Minister under new Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, said the comments were justified.

He told Channel Nine that he would expect Mr Abbott to do more interviews in the future.

“I don’t think he’s being unhelpful,” Mr Pyne said.

“Primarily he’s putting his best foot forward.”

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann also defended Mr Abbott, saying he had handled himself “really well”.

Senator Cormann told the ABC there was nothing suspicious about the timing of his interviews, saying it was simply coincidence that Mr Abbott was speaking live on air while the current Prime Minister was convening an economic summit in Canberra on Thursday.

“What happened two or so weeks ago was difficult for him,” Senator Cormann said.

“I think he’s handled himself with a lot of class and distinction, and I think he’s earned the right to explain to the Australian people what it is he sought to do as prime minister.”

Mr Abbott has said he has more to contribute in public life and will consider his future closer to Christmas.

Cabinet Secretary Arthur Sinodinos told the ABC that Mr Abbott should be encouraged to continue his work in Parliament if he wished to.

“As Janette Howard said to John Howard in 1989, as people said to Malcolm Turnbull in 2010, ‘If you still have a contribution, feel you still have a contribution to make to politics, by all means do so’,” he said/

Speaking to 3AW’s Neil Mitchell on Thursday, Mr Abbott refused to say whether he had forgiven Mr Turnbull for last month’s leadership change.

“There’s obviously been a lot of dirty water under the bridge,” he said.

“I guess in time, all things are more readily understood, more readily accommodated and seen in proper perspective.”


Andrew Bolt and Simon Benson put it best: A fine man and good Prime Minister destroyed

Tony Abbott won the popular vote in 2010 and 2013 yet the progressives and media have continually frustrated the will of the Australian people.


Simon Benson pays tribute to a good man:

(I)t is my view that, just like Kim Beazley was perhaps the best prime minister we never had, Tony Abbott was potentially the best prime minister we had but never knew it…

Above all else, the bloke I know is one of immense personal decency, integrity and goodwill. He espouses a set of values, principles and personal ethics that speak to community values that many of us could probably only aspire to. And on these values, he is uncompromising. He is loyal to a fault and conducts himself with a personal humility rare in politics.

His mistake was that he, perhaps naively, believed the principles he adopted in life would work in politics, and that the loyalty would be returned. To the shame of many on his own side — those who sat in the parliament on Tuesday like lemmings with their heads bowed after having thrown one of their own off a cliff rather than themselves — it took Labor leader Bill Shorten to recognise the character of Abbott…

The unrecognised fact is Abbott achieved more in just 24 months of government than perhaps any modern leader. He got credit from the nation for none of it, including even the most fundamental task of restoring stability to the administration of government after the near institutional destruction inflicted by Labor.

Howard himself said he did not believe that Abbott — and Scott Morrison — would be able to stop the boats. Under Abbott the country will be allowed a plebiscite on gay marriage. Who would have thought it?…

Despite the predictions he would be a national embarrassment on the world stage, it was on this stage that he became a statesman. His response to the twin tragedies of MH17 and MH370 assuaged the grief and anger of a nation. He elevated Australia’s response to global terrorism to one of leading rather than following, as recognised by the US President Barack Obama.

And he signed three free trade agreements that Labor seemed incapable of progressing…

In toppling Tony Abbott, Turnbull and his cohorts have not only legitimised the scandalous behaviour of the previous Labor government, they have endorsed it, using similar justifications for their actions.

An important piece. Read it all.

And listen to our show last night, where listener after listener rang up to pay tribute to one of the finest people to be prime minister.

Government in ‘state of undeclared civil war’

Labor has leapt on Mr Abbott’s comments, with Opposition transport spokesman Anthony Albanese describing the Government as being in a “state of undeclared civil war”.

He told Channel Nine that Mr Abbott was obviously angry over the leadership spill.

“[Mr Abbott is] out there defending his legacy and saying very unhelpfully to his colleagues that somehow this isn’t a good government,” he said.

The Opposition has also targeted the new Prime Minister in recent interviews, with Mr Albanese using Mr Turnbull’s penchant for public transport as a policy talking point.

Speaking in Melbourne, he urged Mr Turnbull to return funding cut from public transport spending, highlighting his social media updates on travels.

“One-in-five dollars has been cut from investment in infrastructure,” Mr Albanese said.

“It’s about time that Malcolm Turnbull got serious about investment in infrastructure. That means investing in public transport, not just riding on it.”

Do not go away Tony you are a champion to far more people than you might know.

A big part of Australia is made of us, the little people or was it Menzies who once referred to the forgotten people, the majority, who pay the taxes, we have no time for Big Government, Big Media, Big Unions or Big Business, they just interfere in our lives and take our money, we are the people who hoped you might be our last hope to get a fair go, the local suburban tradies, the contractors, the local small businesses, those over 35 forced to fend for themselves because no jobs are left after 6 years of  Green Labor sold us out to foreigners.

We still have hope and Tony Abbott personifies it like nobody else.

Turnbull is a self obsessed traitor to the Liberal cause, he and those who acted with him, have kicked their own members, booth workers in the guts and the silent majority of supporters many who have never used social media because they have real lives to lead, will never trust this man, just as many could never trust Gillard after she did the job on Rudd.

Turnbull may remind the media and twitterati of Rudd but he does not have the legitimacy that Rudd had as the elected Prime Minister and never will.

The recent attempt to muzzle members of parliament, to prevent them from representing the Australian people and our culture of freedom of speech by organising for the head of ASIO to phone certain members and warn them of commenting honestly and openly on the Islamic threat to our Nation, our culture and our children and grandchildren’s future, can only be described as improper,  disgraceful and pathetic abuse and perversion of the principals of an independent public service and interfering to prevent a member of the parliament representing the view of his or her constituents.

But then what else can we expect from the epic narcissist with no respect for the parliament, the constitution or the will of the Australian people?







2 thoughts on “A “Silent Majority” of Australians have consistently supported John Howard and Tony Abbott at every Election, bar one, for 20 years consistently rejecting progressive UN aligned agendas of “Climate Change”, “Open borders immigration” and “Gay marriage”, instead supporting our independant National Soveriegnty as a priority.

  1. If you look at the amount of time each side of politics has spent in government not only at a Federal level but also in the states then add to that the failure of most referendums and plebiscites to get up over the years, it is a fair statement to say that when you factor in swinging voters, most people of voting age in Australia are naturally conservative. That said there is no reason why that is not in the process of changing if it hasn’t changed already ?..


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