2015 Political Madness: West follows UN and Obama’s lead down path to division, surrending democracy as UN and Goldman Sachs stooge Malcolm Turnbull takes over Australia, Angela Merkel destroys European culture and Canada follows blindly.

Originally published Powerglobal.us, October 6 2015:

Where once Australia had a true leader In Tony Abbott who stood up for his Nation, its people and its culture, we now see a opportunist, a self obsessed narcissist and in Malcolm Turnbull a miserable spineless profiteer selling his country out to the interests of the UN and Goldman Sachs.

Turnbull a leader unelected by the people, has hijacked Abbotts legitimate democratic tenure with over 12 months left till Australians due to go to the poles.

Turnbull a leftist progressive liberal has promised to leave the Abbott policy framework in place, some find this a bit hard to believe, when we look at Turnbull’s history and his fellow traitors and co assassins.

Abbott had held against the tide of a politically correct progressive press and conceited adolescent conventional wisdom on global warming, gay marriage and the UN human rights multiculturalists condoning and assisting illegal immigration via people smugglers trafficking into Australia from India, Pakistan, Iran, Sri lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia and Papua and New Guinea.

Ousted Prime Minister Elect Tony Abbott

Abbott was elected with a clear mandate to stop illegal immigration and people smuggling and take steps towards fixing the Australia economy that was fast deteriorating under the previous Rudd/Gillard/Rudd Labor Green government.

Abbott was clearly a believer in Team Australia where everyone is proud to be a part of the Australian community and doesn’t shy away from being branded an Aussie.

He knew and represented the silent majority, the self employed contractor, the small business people, those white multi generation Australians who the new twitterati, Big Business, Big Labour Unions, Big Government and Big media had abandoned in favour of the celebrity high flying elite international, multicultural progressive Jetseting class with their UN backed global agendas.

Turnbull is a Goldman Sachs man he is a champion of UN agendas to save the world from the CO2 induced Global Warming fraud while destroying what is left of our culture and democracy, by flooding us with Islamists and undermining the Christian cultural integrity of the family by a redefining of the religious concept and religious rite of marriage, and promoting gay and Islamic culture as superior to our own.

Malcolm Turnbull once Chairman of Goldman Sachs
Malcolm Turnbull once Chairman of Goldman Sachs

Malcolm Turnbull and Barak Obama do not legitimately represent the will of the majority of legal citizens in Australia and the USA, they know and the media knows.

So all would be a blatantly complicit in an act of betrayal of their people if these two sanction any extension of UN authority at the UN’s Paris Climate Change conference in December 2015.

All indications are that the UN is desperately manoeuvring politically to secure unanimous support for authority to establish an “enforcement framework” that will adversely impact the ability of responsible democratic governments to reflect the expressed democratic will of their own people without being subject to UN enforced sanction or financial penalty.

UN Secretary Gen Banki Moon
UN Secretary Gen Ban ki-Moon

We have never had a proper public discussion or opportunity to vote on this issue, the UN is determined we never will, it will bribe, threaten or undermine who ever it needs to. Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop are clearly on the UN team and that means they do not represent Team Australia.

I think our culture and values are worth fighting for, do you?

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4 thoughts on “2015 Political Madness: West follows UN and Obama’s lead down path to division, surrending democracy as UN and Goldman Sachs stooge Malcolm Turnbull takes over Australia, Angela Merkel destroys European culture and Canada follows blindly.

  1. PM T ABBOTT was chosen, elected & the sitting PM of AUSTRALIA ~~ it is the voice of Australians’~~ we therefore have the rights to choose & elect who leads this nation of ours..!!

    The AUSTRALIAN TAXPAYERS are the public servants EMPLOYERS..!!


    1. Turnbull will be the end of Australia as we know it rapes and home invasions will rise by more than 100%
      They will give them selves pay rises while sucking aussies dry that’s how it is now think i’m full of shit ???

      Liked by 1 person

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