Hillary Clinton’s sick logic provides excuse for Muslim acts of Terror, like blaming wife who leaves violent husband, when he then kills the kids

After weeks of calling Hillary Clinton a liar because she rightly said terrorist groups would use his words to make recruiting videos, the left progressive media is all excited that their mates the Islamic Extremist have taken their advice and started a campaign to target Trump.

ABC News:

The militant group Al-ShabaabAl Qaeda‘s affiliate in Somalia — has released a recruitment video featuring GOP presidential frontrunner Donald Trump.

The more-than 51-minute propaganda video comes on the heels of a war of words between Trump and Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton over her suggestion that the real estate mogul’s controversial remarks about Muslims would be used to recruit jihadis.

The video includes a clip of Trump calling for a “shutdown” of Muslims entering the United States.

“Donald J. Trump is calling for a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what the [bleep] is going on,” Trump says in the clip. The group bleeps out Trump’s use of the word “hell.”


Clinton sparked a feud with Trump when she suggested during a debate hosted by ABC News that Trump was being used to recruit new jihadists.

“He is becoming ISIS’s best recruiter. They are going to people showing videos of Donald Trump insulting Islam and Muslims in order to recruit more radical jihadists,” Clinton said during the Democratic debate on Dec. 19.

All of a sudden the media and Hilary Clinton are all excited, suggesting;

“Those of us who live in reality are unsurprised by this. It is a given that whatever blurts out of Trump’s little brain is intended to foment hate, which is something that terrorists use to their advantage.

Republicans do it too. Is there a correlation between terrorism and Republican operatives? ”

What the media and Clinton campaign do not seem to understand, is that the people of the USA and most of the Western Democratic World are sick and tired of being told what they can and cannot say just because of a Media affected by the self proclaimed progressive left and their obsession with appeasing the sensitivities of Militant Islam.

Islamist hate all we in the democratic western democracies stand for, they have vowed to destroy Israel and have referred to the USA as the great Satan for decades, long before George Bush or Donald Trump were ever considered as Presidential candidate or said anything about Islam or Muslims.

What has become very clear by the Clinton and media jumping so eagerly on this mere morsel of hope, is how completely they the Democrats and a huge section of the media have completely capitulated to the political propaganda of Islam and Islamic extremists, to the point they are excited when it takes its cue, its political brief from them and follows their advice.

Hillary is stupid to be so ready or perhaps so pathetically desperate as to believe she can capitalise politically on the fact that she clearly has the support of Islamic state in her crusade to rule the once most powerful symbol of western democratic success and dominance.

ISIS and Islamists world wide  are so spooked by the mere prospect of facing a USA, to them the supreme example of ungodly arrogance and decadence, lead by Donald Trump, a USA, un-cowed, reinvigorated, resilient, focused, unbowed, unbound under Trump’s leadership, unbridled by the UN and a toadying politically correct progressive media,  that they the Islamists think it smart to do as Hillary and her lefty progressive supporters suggest, in some pathetic attempt to appeal to the UN affected media and progressive public that are the only hope if their dream of a world wide Caliphate is to succeed, and obviously only too happy to do the bidding of the enemies of their own nation.

All that shows us, the people who inhabit western democratic societies, is how dependant the Islamists and the progressive left have become on each other.

Muslims who choose to become Islamists were always going to do so, they did so when Jimmy Carter was President of the USA, they targeted US embassies, the USS Cole and the World Trade Centre when Hillary’s spineless husband “Slippery Willy” was President and they have gone on an absolute rampage of terror around the world in the past 7 years as Barak Obama’s weak leadership has encouraged them to step up their belligerence.

The biggest concern to most who think and care about the future of their communities, their culture and the life that will confront their children and grandchildren is the massive influx of Muslims and potential Islamists of the future being ushered into our nations by weak political leaders and a compliant leftist media that does not care about the concerns of the current citizens of the present western democratic capitalist world, and instead seem intent on imposing some UN inspired borderless world where Jews and Christians are supplanted by aggressive Islam.

Donald Trump Shrugs Off Appearance in Terrorist Video

Donald J. Trump speaking in Biloxi, Miss., on Saturday. He promised to “unsign” any executive orders by President Obama that would add restrictions on obtaining guns.Credit Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Donald J. Trump shrugged off his appearance in a recruitment video posted Friday by the Shabab, an Al Qaeda affiliate, saying there was little he could do about it.

“What am I going to do?” Mr. Trump told John Dickerson of CBS News, who hosts “Face The Nation.” “I have to say what I have to say.”

He added: “They’ve used other people too.”

The remarks were Mr. Trump’s first concerning the Shabab’s video. The video emerged two weeks after Hillary Clinton, who leads in polls of the Democratic contest, said in a debate that Islamic State terrorists were using videos of Mr. Trump’s comments about Muslims as a recruitment tool. There was no evidence of that when she made those remarks.

The video released by the Shabab featured a clip of Mr. Trump calling for a temporary ban on Muslims coming into the United States in the wake of the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, Calif.

At a rally Saturday night in Biloxi, Miss., Mr. Trump pointed to his candidacy as the right one to challenge “certain advantages” that Democrats have electorally.

“There are certain advantages that they have — you have to pick the right guy,” Mr. Trump said. Republican leaders and donors have repeatedly said that Mr. Trump’s comments about immigrants and Muslims will harm the party’s prospects of attracting new voters among emerging electoral groups such as Hispanics.

Mr. Trump blamed Mrs. Clinton and President Obama for the rise of the Islamic State. And he suggested that his supporters were the best possible to have.

“We have the smartest people — we sort of have everything,” he said, adding that everywhere he goes, “We’re all the same. We all — everybody I see, they want to make America great again.”

At another point, he praised the Second Amendment and promised to “unsign” any executive orders by Mr. Obama adding restrictions on obtaining guns.

Mr. Trump also led the crowd in a period of sustained booing of the news media at the back of the packed arena, singling out one cameraman as the focus of his ire and calling his own treatment by the press “unfair.”

If he could, Mr. Trump said, he would fire the cameraman right now, a remark that drew great applause.

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  1. So the Democrats are going to let a band of rag taggle terrorists dictate what Americans can say? So typical of the incredibly naive PC cowardice of the Left!

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