UNHCR says “NO” to Australian request for focus on persecuted Christian minority’s when accepting refugees from Syria

Scott Morrison: Australian Government to focus Syrian refugee program on Christians in wake of Paris attacks! UNHCR says “NO” Australia and USA must take majority Sunni Muslims, the UN warns Europe not to backtrack on previous commitments to take Sunni Muslim refugees from Syria. West must ask right now, who runs our Nations?


Updated yesterday at 9:50pmWed 18 Nov 2015, 9:50pm

Minister for Immigration Scott Morrison during a press conference at Parliament House in Canberra, Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013. (AAP Image/Daniel Munoz) NO ARCHIVING
Minister for Immigration Scott Morrison during a press conference at Parliament House in Canberra, Wednesday, Dec. 4, 2013. (AAP Image/Daniel Munoz) NO ARCHIVING

In the wake of the attacks in Paris, Federal Cabinet Minister Scott Morrison says he expects Christians will be the focus of the Australian government’s Syrian refugee program.

When former prime minister Tony Abbott first announced Australia would take in 12,000 extra refugees fleeing the conflict in Syria, some members of his party called on him to give Christian refugees priority.

But the Department of Immigration was quick to clarify this would not be the case.

The head of the government’s Syrian Refugee Resettlement Task Force, Peter Vardos, told the ABC that Christians would not be given priority to be resettled in Australia.

“There is no selection based purely on religion, as has been suggested in some quarters,” Mr Vardos said recently while on a trip to a Syrian refugee camp in Jordan.

“It is a non-discriminatory program across the board. And I am confident that by the end of this process when you look at the make-up of the 12,000 people they will come from a range of ethnicities and religions.”

However, Mr Morrison told Macquarie Radio yesterday: “We are focusing on those persecuted minorities and that obviously includes a very large Christian component. In fact the majority, I would expect.”

A spokesperson for Immigration Minister Peter Dutton did not distance themselves from Mr Morrison’s comments, telling the ABC the Treasurer’s comments “are in line with the Government’s focus”.

The spokesperson went on to say: “The Government has announced its priorities and made it clear that we are going to focus on those who are most vulnerable, i.e. women, children and families with the least prospect of ever returning safely to their homes.”

UNHCR perplexed by governments’ demands for Christian refugees

Mr Morrison’s comments came after up to 25 states in America said they would refuse to take in Syrian refugees, but some governors said they might make exceptions for Christians.

If people start pushing the minority card, or the religious card, we are going to be pushing that back and saying this is not the most important element for us.

Andrew Harper, Australian UNHCR country director
Sunni Saudi Arabia has to notch tent city ready for 1.5 million people, yet takes no refugees
Sunni Saudi Arabia has top notch tent city ready for 1.5 million people, yet takes no refugees


Officials with the UN refugee agency, the UNHCR, said they were perplexed by politicians around the world requesting Christian refugees from Syria.

Australian UNHCR country director Andrew Harper — who looks after 600,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan — said most of those fleeing to Jordan were not Christian.

“In regards to Jordan, 99 per cent of the refugees fleeing to Jordan are actually Sunni Muslim,” Mr Harper said.

Mr Harper said when people were talking about focusing only on minorities, that was not necessarily a true reflection of the people probably most at risk.

“If people start pushing the minority card, or the religious card, we are going to be pushing that back and saying this is not the most important element for us,” he said.

“Particularly as I was mentioning that 99 per cent of the people fleeing to Jordan are Sunni Muslim.”

Mr Harper said the UN would not be swayed by any pressure when it came to referring Syrian refugee cases to Australia or any other country.

“We do not take too much notice of what politicians anywhere in the world have to say,” he said.

“Some are being very forthright in their positions, but what we will do is remain objective and focus on the criteria which we have which is vulnerability.

“And if other people want to bring subjective values which are to necessarily key criteria, we will ignore those.”

Saudi tent city ready for up to 2 million, not one refugee
Saudi tent city ready for up to 2 million, not one refugee

When is someone in authority going to inform these people from the UN, that it is a fundamental fact of democracy and particularly the democratic capitalism that fund the UN and its UNHCR, provides most of the money, the food and the resources that allow these UN agencies to operate, and provides the only viable options for the resettlement of refugees that the UN purports to demand, that the people as in the individuals that make up the population and citizenship of those democratic nations that vote to elect governments and those government answer to their electorates first and foremost.

The UN has no authority or jurisdiction in telling our governments what refugees we will or will not accept.

Someone needs to tell this jumped up and overpaid bunch of incompetent bureaucrats that they do not tell Democratic nations what they can or cannot do, why do they not talk to their own farce of a Human Rights Commission, yes that other joke of the UN that claims to protect individual human rights, now headed by Saudi Arabia, that same Saudi Arabia that enforces a brutal form of Sharia Law, that Same Saudi Arabia that is the self proclaimed home and leader of the Sunni Muslim world, that same Saudi Arabia that right now has ready and waiting not far from Mecca a gigantic tent city capable of holding  close to Two Million refugees in comfort with running water, proper sewerage plumbing and all air-conditioned.

Yet I have heard nothing from the UN, its HRC or its HCR directing that Saudi Arabia take any Sunni Muslim refugees, as far as any of us have been told Suadi Arabia and its brother Gulf Oil States have all failed to welcome any refugees what so ever from this conflict that is taking place right on their doorstep and some would suggest that the conflict in whole or in part has been instigated and funded by the Muslim Brotherhood alliance that triggerd the Arab Spring uprising.

Lets hear a full and open debate and explanation of these issues before we agree to compromise the future of our Nations and culture by accepting any of these Sunni so called refugees.

17 thoughts on “UNHCR says “NO” to Australian request for focus on persecuted Christian minority’s when accepting refugees from Syria

    1. Is this the UN that has one off it’s MAJOR country’s Russia bombing women and children at will and the UN will not stand up to them and expel them now right now and if Russia want to return at some time they will start at the bottom if they are excepted by a world vote. Please Australia if this is the standard of the UN leave now.


  1. I live in a country that is relatively free of major terror attacks, thanks to our policing and their undercover work. Who is the UN to tell us we must put our country at risk? Sunni muslims are at the root of the majority of terror attacks around the world. They are about causing chaos wherever they live and enforcing shariah law. They have openly admitted that they intend over populating their host country with muslims, so that they can take over. So sick of political correctness, this is our country and we want to keep it safe. I personally know of a christian family stuck in Syria who have pleaded with their Lebanese relatives in Australia to help get them out. If we can’t help families like this then we should not bow down to the UN and help people who should be taken in and living in a muslim countries. They will not integrate, no matter what the media are trying to tell us. I am apalled, look to Europe for your answer to why we don’t need to bring them to Australia. They also refuse to work and I don’t want to support them.


    1. I totally agree with you in every word you said. Those muslim come here to australia with majer aim to over population so you have stronger voice , then they demand sharia law to apply of civil unrest starting and then turn to be civil war . That is their aim anf tjat why countries like Saudi Arabia who can afford to tske themall refuse to take even one . Why? BBecause they want them to spread over the world to make the whole world one islamic state


  2. Compromise my back side. They need to put in their place. They are not God nor will they ever be. Thank the true Lord! Amen! They have no supreme authority and the only power they do have is from the Lord Almighty. They would do well to remember that. Any politicians or in leadership country that would conform to unauthorized, blatant and unjustified demands are cowards .and should be immediately thrown out of office and replaced. I adhere to my countries laws because God’s Word tells me such.but when they go against His Word, Commandments and values I will always stand for my God. Without fear, remorse, regret, or shame.


      1. Nice to know there are people out there not interested in the truth of anything, just spelling Nazis when reading some facts they find challenging to their ignorant and bigoted political position.


  3. If the UNHCR really are as powerful as they think, why do they not force Saudi Arabia to take most of these refugees. As for not being allowed to tale Christians, its about time to tell UNHCR to get stuffed, and take them anyhow.


  4. Then I say FUCK the unhcr we as a country should not be held to ransome by these Muslim loving cowards , if they get their way then the next step will be total anarchy by these people just like in Europe what in hell is wrong in taking in Christians for gods sake as they are the ones who are suffering the most . Can we have the name of the people from unchr so we can have accountability when it all goes to shit as it surely will given time or why don’t we act like Israel and tell them we will do it our way and go to hell


  5. Why is it that these people get to another country from their own and proceed to reek havoc in the new country. Then they try to turn the new country into what they have just left. Why is it that most of these people are men? Where are the women and children? Sorry but Australia is a christian country and we have done quite well without these people so far. UNHCR. Who is this organisation and what the hell do they have to do with this country and try to tell us how many illegal immigrants we must take. All I can say is if you don’t like this country the way it is then turn a 180 and go back to where you came from. Call me a racist, I don’t give a bugger. This is my country, has always been my country and will always be my country. You don’t like my country you are quiet welcome to go back home to your country


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