Shame stalks European Political Class: EU Commission and Angela Merkel have failed absolutely in their duty to protect the Women of Europe, it should be their first priority

A Government’s first duty is to protect its own citizens, it is not to follow UN or EU edicts to protect Islamic or African Refugees

European Leaders and the EU Commissions should bow their heads in shame.

They have failed the most basic test of leadership in any society which is to protect those within your own community particularly the women, children, the elderly and sick.

These are the priority of any leader who genuinely has the best interests of a Nation at heart.

But this is not what is happening in the Western Democratic world right now, in the USA, Britain, Canada, Australia and Europe we see leaders who are so absorbed and obsessed with their own celebrity, their own standing the conceited and adolescent world of the UN, are betraying the National interest, clearly that is because they are following an alternative agenda an agenda of UN International Socialism, Cultural Stalinism, an agenda where the world is borderless and Nations their history, their identity and their culture are irrelevant.

When have people ever been asked to vote for or against this UN political agenda?

The answer is we haven’t and we never will, you must understand that from the perspective of a majority on the floor of the UN General Assembly, Democratic Capitalism is a Pain in the Arse, they will not be held accountable to the little folk.


IN COLOGNE, people are afraid. And many residents are angry.

The German city is reeling after a series of apparently co-ordinated sexual assaults on local women, allegedly committed by large groups of “Arab-looking men”.

Various reports give startling accounts of dozens of offenders surrounding victims, robbing them and in many cases sexually violating them. At least one rape has been reported.

The mass crime is alleged to have occurred on New Year’s Eve as thousands of people were drawn to year-end festivities outside the western German city’s main train station and its famous Gothic cathedral. Police were clearing the area after fireworks were thrown into the crowd — and it is while that operation was being carried out that the assaults took place.

One victim, an 18-year-old identified only as Michelle, has told N-TV in Germany about her ordeal.

Cologne assault victim Michelle. Picture: CEN

Cologne assault victim Michelle. Picture: CENSource:Supplied

“At around 11pm we were at the main train station and wanted to travel on to see the fireworks, and that was when we first noticed all these men standing around,” she said.

“We managed to go into the cathedral and wanted to go past the Museum Ludwig to join everyone and watch the fireworks by the river, but suddenly we were surrounded by a group of between 20 and 30 men.

“They were full of anger, and we had to make sure that none of us were pulled away by them. They were groping us and we were trying to get away as quickly as possible.”

She said the gang stole mobile phones from the girls’ pockets as they tried to escape. Later that evening when Michelle tried to return home, she saw fireworks being thrown into the crowds.

“It was around 12:30 and we went back to the train station to catch a train that was supposed to go at 1am. But there were so many people around it was really difficult to get to the platform,” she said.

“It was only when I got to the platform that I realised my train was not travelling and I had to go back through the mass of men and walked the five kilometres home by foot.”

A woman holds a sign reading "Angela Merkel-Where are you? What do you say? It is frightening" during a demonstration in Cologne.

A woman holds a sign reading “Angela Merkel-Where are you? What do you say? It is frightening” during a demonstration in Cologne.Source:AFP

The issue has been complicated by claims the police covered up the assaults to stop a hysterical public from blaming refugees. They initially didn’t give details of the incidents to media, or a description of the suspects.

That — and the failure of police to prevent the attacks — has increased pressure on the government and Chancellor Angela Merkel, who welcomed a million migrants into the country last year, many of whom were from war-torn Syria.

A policeman who was outside Cologne station during the New Year’s Eve trouble told the city’s Express news website that he had detained eight suspects. “They were all asylum seekers, carrying copies of their residence certificates,” he said.

Those comments are at odds with other official statements from police who have not publicly said if the suspects were recent arrivals or second generation immigrants.

Some estimates are that 1000 drunk and aggressive men were involved.

Police said they had received 90 criminal complaints by yesterday, including a plainclothes policewoman was reportedly among those attacked. “We assume more people will come forward,” police chief Wolfgang Albers told reporters.

Katja L., 28, said she was with three friends outside the station when they encountered a group of “foreign-looking men”.

“Suddenly I felt a hand on my bottom, then on my breasts, then I was groped everywhere,” she told Cologne tabloid Express.

“It was horrible. Although we screamed and flailed about, the guys didn’t stop. I was beside myself and think that I was touched about 100 times across around 200 metres (yards).” A woman in her 30s interviewed on rolling news channel N24 said she was groped by a group of “Arab-looking men”.

Cologne mayor Henriette Reker, left, and the head of Cologne police, Wolfgang Albers, attend a news conference in Cologne, in response to the mass attacks.

Cologne mayor Henriette Reker, left, and the head of Cologne police, Wolfgang Albers, attend a news conference in Cologne, in response to the mass attacks.Source:AP

“They didn’t look at me aggressively, they seemed more curious than anything, and a little drunk,” she said.

One man told the BBC how his partner and 15-year-old daughter were surrounded by an enormous crowd outside the station and he was unable to help. “The attackers grabbed her and my partner’s breasts and groped them between their legs.”

Justice Minister Heiko Maas said the assaults represented “a new dimension of crime that we will have to get to grips with,” adding that they had appeared to be “co-ordinated”.

Asked by a journalist whether refugees were behind the rampage, Maas said police were still working to identify the attackers, and warned against linking the attacks and migration.

But concern is building that authorities were more anxious about keeping the peace than telling the public what had happened.

Germany: Suspects in NYE sexual assaults to receive ?strictest prosecution?

Mayor of Cologne Henriette Reker and the city’s police chief Wolfgang Albers gave a joint press conference in front of Cologne town hall, Tuesday, following an emergency meeting on the reported mass sexual assaults that occurred outside the city’s main station during New Year’s Eve celebrations. Reker called behaviour of the group of young men responsible for the assaults “absolutely intolerable” and stated that “the strictest prosecution will be proceeded with.”She added that preventive measures would be implemented in the future.

This would involve “better protection for those young women and girls who were involved, and for young women and girls in general.”

“They should be able to party, participate in carnivals, but they should be better prepared for celebrations than they have been this time,” Reker added.

Cologne’s Police Chief Wolfgang Albers claimed that in the future, a larger police presence will be implemented at such events.

“We will also organise an emergency centre, especially for festivals. And there will also be temporary video surveillance from several watch points,” he said.

Around 60 complaints of anti-social behaviour and sexual assault were reported, including one case of rape, as hundreds celebrated New Year’s Eve in Cologne’s city centre.

However, Mr Maas promised the attackers would be dealt with harshly. “The law does not discriminate regarding a person’s origin or passport. All are equal before the law”.

Cologne news website Koelner Stadt-Anzeiger says the suspects were already known to police because of frequent pickpocketing in and around Cologne central station.

Political leaders have condemned the assaults.

Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker said the attacks were “monstrous”. “We cannot allow this to become a lawless area,” she said, insisting that visitors could not come to the city fearing attack.

However, her response to the attacks has also come under fire. She has suggested women stay a certain distance from strangers on the street and advised women to walk in groups when they can and to avoid being targeted.

As a result many people took to social media on Wednesday under the hashtag #EineArmlaenge , German for arms length, to mock her proposal for how women should behave.

Merkel’s spokesman Steffen Seibert said she had called on Mayor Reker, to express her “outrage” over the violence, which she said required “a tough response from the state”.

“Everything must be done to find as many of the perpetrators as possible as quickly as possible and bring them to justice, regardless of their origin or background,” Seibert quoted Merkel as saying.

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Merkel under fire on migrants after New Year’s Eve sex assaults



Berlin (AFP) – German Chancellor Angela Merkel came under mounting pressure Wednesday over her welcoming stance toward migrants, which opponents have linked to a rash of apparently coordinated sex attacks in Cologne on New Year’s Eve.

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    Police in the western city told AFP they have received more than 100 complaints by women reporting assaults ranging from groping to two rapes, allegedly committed in a large crowd of revellers during year-end festivities outside the city’s main train station and its famed Gothic cathedral.

Victims blamed men of “Arab or North African” appearance, inflaming a heated public debate about Germany’s ability to cope with the nearly 1.1 million asylum seekers the country took in last year.

Authorities have said there is no concrete indication that the perpetrators were asylum seekers who arrived in last year’s record influx.

No arrests have been made.

However, critics of Merkel’s liberal refugee policy charged that the Cologne assaults proved she was playing with fire without a clear strategy to integrate the mainly Muslim newcomers hoping to settle in Germany.

The right-wing populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) party, which aims to gain seats in three regional elections in March, charged the attacks were “a result of unchecked immigration”.

Late Tuesday 200-300 people, according to police estimates, gathered in front of Cologne cathedral calling for better protection for women.

One female demonstrator held a sign reading: “Mrs. Merkel, what are you doing? This is scary.”

And Wednesday, a handful of far-right demonstrators from the local Pro NRW group blaming foreigners for a rise in violence was met by a much larger counterprotest of about 150 booing activists.

– ‘Countless weeping women’ –

“If asylum seekers or refugees carry out these kinds of attacks… it will bring their stay in Germany to an abrupt end,” warned Andreas Scheuer, general secretary of Merkel’s Bavarian allies, the Christian Social Union, which has demanded she set a strict upper limit of 200,000 newcomers per year.

Attending a CSU meeting at a mountain resort, Merkel said she had no plans to agree to a specific cap but reiterated her position that Germany sought a European solution to the crisis that would lead to a “tangible reduction in refugees”.

“We currently have many different approaches among EU member states,” she admitted.

Earlier in Brussels, Sweden and Denmark said at an emergency meeting called after they tightened their border controls due to the migrant crisis that they would lift measures, but only after the influx declined.

Merkel has urged a thorough investigation of the “repugnant” attacks in Cologne, which she said required “a tough response from the state”.

Witnesses said groups of 20-30 young, intoxicated men out of a crowd of about 1,000 people had surrounded victims, assaulted them and in several cases robbed them.

A plain-clothes policewoman was reportedly among those attacked.

Victims described terrifying scenes in the marauding mob.

Steffi, 31, said she saw “countless weeping women” when she arrived at the station and was hit with a volley of sexist slurs shouted in German as she made her way through the crowd.

“I saw a girl… who was crying, with ripped stockings, her skirt askew — she was just wrecked,” she told the daily Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

“A young guy came out of the crowd and made vulgar comments. ‘Can I help you? I know I can help you’ he said with a strong accent and made obscene gestures with his hand. When she wanted to get away, he followed her. I told him to piss off.”

– ‘General suspicion’ –

Justice Minister Heiko Maas warned against scapegoating refugees over the assaults, which he said “appeared to be coordinated”.

“No one should exploit the attacks to smear refugees as a group,” he told news agency DPA.

Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere lashed out at Cologne police for failing to stop the assaults, and rejected a claim by police union GdP that the burden of the refugee crisis had meant there was not enough staff to ensure security at railways stations and airports.

He said that foreigners who commit serious crimes “must assume they will be deported”.

Faced with accusations of self-censorship of the inflammatory case, which took four days to hit national media outlets, public broadcaster ZDF apologised for delays in reporting on the melee.

And Cologne Mayor Henriette Reker came in for online mockery after saying that girls and young women could avoid trouble of the kind on New Year’s Eve by staying over “an arm’s length” away from strangers.

Mass Cologne Sex Attack: 1,000 Attackers

German police in the city of Cologne have finally admitted that the mass sex attack on German girls near the city’s famous cathedral on New Year’s Eve involved at least 1,000 nonwhite invaders, that at least one rape occurred, that the crowd hurled incendiary devices at the German public and the police—and that they were made up of recently arrived Arabic-speaking “refugees.”


The controlled media in Germany prevaricated for days before reporting the racial nature of the attacks, and some even went out of their way to deny that the nonwhites involved were “refugees” at all. However, the weight of witnesses, video material, and social media revelations have forced the Lügenpresse (the “lying press,” as they are known in Germany) to finally admit the truth.

The New Observer, on the other hand, reported on the attacks straight away, and was the first to point out that the perpetrators were invaders from the Middle East and North Africa—all allowed into Germany by the open borders immigration and “refugee” policies of successive German and western European governments.

According to a new report in the Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger newspaper, the crowd of attackers was at least 1,000 strong. The extent of the violence was unprecedented, and police quoted by that newspaper said they were “shocked,” and had never experienced anything like it before.

“It is a crime of a whole new dimension,” Cologne Chief of Police Wolfgang Albers was quoted as saying, adding that it was an “intolerable state of affairs that in the middle of the city such offenses can be committed.”

The trouble started when drunken brawls broke out between gangs in a 2,000-strong crowd of nonwhite invaders—North Africans and Middle Easterners, but all Arabic speaking—in front of the main Cologne railway station, a police spokesman said. The crowd also fired incendiary devices—which were probably fireworks—into groups of passing Germans “for fun.”

The police were called in, but only about 150 officers were available at the time, and were hopelessly outnumbered by the invaders, who reacted by shooting fireworks at the policemen as well.

After several clashes, about 1,000 of the nonwhites headed off toward the railway station entrance, where the mass sexual attacks took place. Police chief Albers confirmed that at least one German girl had been raped during the violence. At least 90 other girls had come forward to report sexual assaults, while another 60 had reported thefts of bags, cell phones, and purses.

The North Rhine Westphalia chairman of the official Police Union (Gewerkschaft der Polizei, GdP), Arnold Plickert, was quoted by the RTL news service as saying that it was “important that the incident’s background be fully investigated and the perpetrators punished consistently.” Nothing, he said, may be concealed in “elucidating the attacks, even if that should lead to results that are politically inconvenient.”

Effectively admitting that the perpetrators were “refugees,” Plickert said that “If there are refugees who have a problem integrating into our open society and respecting the civil rights and liberties of others, then we must proceed against them with all severity of the law.”

Even the German edition of the far-left Huffington Post admitted in an article that the police and the media had deliberately covered up the racial background of the perpetrators, saying that it took three days for them just to admit that the “perpetrators were a large group of North African asylum seekers.”

Furthermore, the Huffington Post article said, it was well-known in the city that “in the cathedral square, Africans control the entire drug market” and “constantly recruit new men from the asylum centers” for their work.

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