AUSTRALIA: Horse Walkes into a BAR at Bondi Beach

Only in Australia: Horse walks into a bar at Bondi.


Hard-earned thirst: A police horse walks into a Bondi bar.

Hard-earned thirst: A police horse walks into a Bondi bar.

Aussie police catch up with manager for a neighbourly chat.

“I couldn’t tell if the horse was spooked or what was going on. I just couldn’t fathom what kind of situation you’d need to be in where you’d need to bring a horse into a bar.”

From the expressions on the faces of those inside, it appears they weren’t sure either.

Management at Beach Road Hotel confirmed the horse had entered the venue, however no drinks were served to the steed.

A NSW Police spokeswoman said the Mounted Unit officers were patrolling the Bondi area when the hotel manager invited them in for a “neigh-bourly chat”.

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