The Muslim Threat: “We Have The Right to Kill Anyone Who Does Not Respect Islam” Got That ?


Donald Trump is absolutely correct, Islam and Sharia has no place in a modern Democratic Community.



The United Nations and Human Rights Activists Need to be Held Responsible for the Very Real Threat they Pose to Our Future.




Progressives and their political representatives have to be stopped now and brought to account for being complicit in the incitement of violence, the political exploitation of victimhood, social and cultural alienation, undermining of our community and culture.




Progressives within West Western Democracies whether in the Media, Politics, Government Bureaucracy or Academia have a lot to answer for.

Not only have they conspired with the help of the Dodgy Human Rights Industry and the Treasonous International Socialists at the UN to force our doors open and fill our suburbs and towns, our local community with the followers of this poisonous Islamist creed.





Worse still when we have the temerity to wake up to what they are up to, stuffing our electoral districts full of a foreign and illegal Medieval Religious Mafia and its leagues of loyal soldiers, they malign and insult us by calling us racists and bigots for showing any concern.

To all who consider themselves progressive and think that western Judaeo Christian values and capitalism are the biggest problem on this earth. I ask you to take a good listen to this guy and then have a good hard think.

Islam does not move in to your city or community to assimilate and become part of your or our society.



If you consider yourself an atheist, are gay or as many are understandably caring of your gay friends or family members just being treated with respect as members of our society.

If you are genuinely concerned about important issues such as domestic violence, decency and respect for women.




You might just realise that gay marriage and some of the more extreme claims, the expectations of the feminist and gay lobby or the stupid UN and Progressive Political claims that Climate Change is the greatest moral challenge of our time, just listen and think what mass Islamist immigration will really mean long term, to your community,  your children and grandchildren’s future.





If you have no real understanding of Sharia and what it means, then I suggest you take an interest.

Look into it, because every one of you who considers yourself a lapsed catholic, or non practicing Christian, let alone an atheist, really should understand that in a Muslim community or all Muslim enclaves even those existing now within our own western democracies they practice and observe Sharia.


Progressive political obsession with multiculturalism encourages this adherence to separate cultures, and within Islamist culture abandoning your faith is known as becoming an apostate, for any member of an Islamic community that is considered a crime, it is seen as dishonouring Allah.

Both your family and the Islamic community has a responsibility to either change your mind or alternatively they are duty bound to kill you, don’t listen to me, listen to the Muslim Imam, the cultural authority on Islam.




So what is a simple freedom taken for granted by those who reject their Christian or Jewish faith, is no simple matter for a Muslim, whereas for Christians and Jews in the west it is a very normal and acceptable part of life.


As for the treatment of women and gay people, again Sharia is uncompromising, women are considered little more than chattels or prise breeding livestock, a woman’s or her families proof of her virginity is the all important key to her value, their is no consideration of equality, gays are considered an abomination to be trivialised, tortured and murdered with no more consideration than a lame stray animal.


Do your own research, don’t take my word for it, but don’t be so naïve as to believe what you hear in the media either, it is your future and my future and the future of the community we have and our children’s future, regardless how imperfect you think it might be right now.


Next time you hear someone being shouted down as being racist or a bigot just because they have concerns about increased Islamist immigration, take some time out to pause and think, could they have a point.


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Don’t we have a basic right to freedom of speech in a democracy, the purpose being to discuss and debate these issues that are of honestly held serious concern, an issue that could potentially have more far reaching and disastrous effects on our community and our quality of life than Global Warming, in a much shorter time span.


Within the next twenty years Climate change, equal pay for women or gay marriage might just be the least of our and our children’s concerns.




I will just leave you to think on that for a while.





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Commentary by: Brendan Power


Twitter @powerglobalus


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63 thoughts on “The Muslim Threat: “We Have The Right to Kill Anyone Who Does Not Respect Islam” Got That ?

  1. This what us Americans don’t need some somalians who think their better than us. Need to take their behinds back to there own country. This America and we have rules and regulations so again if you don’t like are rule bye bye.


  2. It’s something that is certainly a concern to most Americans, unfortunately our government officials are doing the best they can to make our nation a socialist or communist or something else more horrible than any of the other ones, an Islam nation.
    Now we here are not going to allow it to happen without a fight. We are one place that most are gun owners and not afraid of fighting for a nation Free by standards far bigger than any other only because we still have our ability of fighting back.
    I have heard people who say we cannot make it a fight against the military and their Arsenal’s. First the military is not the one who is being fought but Islam nation. Our military is made up of young men and women who too are citizens and family. I can’t believe our military will kill it’s defenseless population. It would be a little more like we and them fighting the enemy.
    Sharia law enforcement is something that could be hidden in the inner cities or perhaps somehow in a less populated area but I tell you that much of Americans are from smaller cities and towns across this Nation. We are more than happy to do whatever it takes to make sure we are not run over by a group of Islam boys who think raping an American woman is okay. No, I’m saying that it will not be a chance in hell that is happening more than once.
    We don’t believe what the media says and we have common sense to do it right before it is too far gone. Look I won’t have to worry about it but I don’t want my grandchildren to be in the situation that is going on elsewhere.
    Trust me when I say that we arrogant Americans unfortunately for other cultures who believe that they are going to take America from the inside are not truly thinking of it’s population.


  3. Thank God for Power Global US. I have just come across this site.Just had a serious conversation with a friend of mine over breakfast, discussing this very topic.And we were feeling brow beaten over the stance on our UK Government,as they have just lmprisoned T.Robinson an activist who is exposing Islam for the danger it poses here in UK.Keep up the good work!


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