Trump: “Keeping The Dream Alive”, The Promise of a Safer, Better Future for all Americans


 The Trump Train is unstopable, it is time for Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz and GOP to “Get Out Of The Way” and Concede the Republican Nomination to Donald Trump.

Just Do It.

By Brendan Power

Brendan01  3rd of May, 2016

Originally Published as ( CRUZ FINISHED – TRUMP TRAIN UNSTOPABLE: Keeping The Dream Alive, Making America Great Again )

VIDEO : “The Trump Family That I Know” A Black Female Trump Executive’s Emotional Letter

Lynne Patton, a black female executive working for the Trump Organization, pours her heart out in an emotional video the Trump Org did not know she was going to release.

This is a MUST WATCH Video. In 5 minutes you will understand the Trump Family like you never have before.




Only Trump can work with Putin to save Christianity and Democracy

(Click on the Link)

Muslim Threat to kill anyone not respecting ISLAM

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Meet the Real Donald Trump, a Man the Media wants to Edit Out of Your Reality

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Donald Trump: Keeping the Dream Alive

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Commentary by: Brendan Power


Twitter @powerglobalus



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28 thoughts on “Trump: “Keeping The Dream Alive”, The Promise of a Safer, Better Future for all Americans

  1. You GO Donald !!! I’ve been with you since you started. I know America needs someone like you, with BIG cojones and lots of spark and determination.


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