Trump Right: Mass Immigration Lowering Wages & Living Standards, Does Nothing For World Poverty

Progressive Politics is all about fermenting Social Division and Economic Exhaustion in Western Democracies.


Donald Trump


The Video Below presents the most powerful argument for an end to the Progressive Political Notion that Open Borders Immigration does anything to relieve Global Poverty.




Media focus on Minority Racial, Sexual and Gender grievance, Global Warming  and Open Borders Immigration only serves the interests of Transnational Corporates in Lowering Wages and  Compliance Costs, the UN, International Socialist and Cultural Marxist sponsored dream of One World Government and the Islamist desire for a Global Caliphate.





There is no credible Global Agreement on the UN Declaration of Universal Human Rights as long as the 1990 Cairo Declaration applies in Muslim Countries.




As it stands the UN experiment is a comprehensive failure with respect to its stated purpose and needs to be defunded and disbanded before it can achieve its current aim of World Government.



All Governments in the Democratic Western World need to urgently focus on the real responsibility of Good Government which is to protect your own citizens, guarantee the safety of communities and provide positive leadership that helps provide opportunity, support and encouragement for local small business as a priority.





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2 thoughts on “Trump Right: Mass Immigration Lowering Wages & Living Standards, Does Nothing For World Poverty

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    1. Immigration is costing the tax payer across the globe billions, and will eventually drive us down to the third world. It is time theocratic governents started putting their fervor into educating their masses, introducing one wife two kids max. Our economies cannot support these huge third world families with 7th century ideology and Theorcatic governments – such government is totally open to corruption as we have seen in Saudi and Iran.


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