SICK CLINTON CRIMES: Corruption, Drugs, the Sickening Stench of so many Deaths, Abused Women, Lives Ruined


HILLARY CLINTON laughs at 12 year old rape victim’s suffering, she defended the perpetrators & told a judge the young girl “wanted it” 12yr old girl K Shelton Raped by 2 men, 4 days in a coma

GET SERIOUS: Everyone needs to read & understand the serious issues laid bare in “GET TRUMP” the eye-watering 5 Part series exposing explosive details of Obama & Clinton collusion with MI6, FBI & UKRAINE in framing Donald Trump with the TRUMP RUSSIA smear.

Kath Willy & Juanita Broaddrick have their say on Bill and Hillary Clinton

These women have fought for the right to be heard, the right to be taken seriously by the main stream media that chooses to ignore them, they talk of gross sexual abuse by a serial sexual predator and pervert in William Jefferson Clinton one time President of the USA.

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Hillary Clinton The Face of Evil Incarnate


Defender of Rapists laughs at suffering of 12 year old rape victim put in coma for 4 days, Clinton’s spend $USMillions to covering up Bill Clinton’s abuse of women over a 40 year period.

A 12 year old Girl Kathy Shelton was not only Raped by 2 men, and spent 4 days in a coma from traumatic injuries, but has had to live and endure a life of doubt and suffering because the Rapist was defended by a woman, but not just any woman, this Rapist was defended in Court by one Hillary R Clinton.

Clinton was not only callus and relentless in her condemnation and intimidation of the traumatized child victim of her client, but stooped so low as to accuse the 12 year old of inviting, wanting to be raped by two vicious older men.

Click the Link Below to watch one of many documented introductions to the Criminal World of the Clintons. The truth that the Main Stream Media will not mention.

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Bill Clinton Serial Rapist and Child Molester


More Detailed Documented Evidence of Clinton Crimes

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