Everybody Loves Donald as Trump surges to Clear Lead over a Criminal Alternative in Hillary Clinton and her Media Mates


Hillary Clinton has frequently lambasted Donald Trump for painting a dark and scary view of our status as a nation.

Trump is not engaging in some creative writing experiment—he is speaking the truth.


We are witnessing a moment in History bigger even than Ronald Reagan.

When the Worlds Media laughed at Reagan as a senile old actor who knew nothing of foreign relations, could not be Trusted with the Nuclear Button and would lead us to Mutually Assured Destruction, he proved them all wrong by working with Margaret Thatcher and Mikhail Gorbachev Reagan to bring an end to the Cold War and bring down the Berlin Wall.


Donald Trump has a much bigger challenge, he must lead the Free World back to a focus on Family, Community, Local Jobs, Nationhood, National Pride and National Freedom from an advanced  Globalist Agenda being pushed by the International Socialists and a Broad alliance of Financiers, Arab Muslim Nations and a big part of the developing world through the UN and the Clinton Global Initiative.

Donald Trump is about to send a shock through the Globalist PC Brigade World Wide, he is A Visionary, A Planner, A Developer, A Builder, A Doer, but most of all he is A WINNER.


We see the riots, angst, poverty, intentionally sparked racial division, moral corruption, crumbling streets, and failing schools with our own eyes.


Donald Trump is a wealthy man, but he did not hire actors to go out and fulfil scripted roles to depict a nation in trouble. We ARE a nation in trouble.


The nation is teetering on the brink of disaster on many fronts. It has taken decades to reach the boiling point, but we are there, folks.




The 2016 election will be the most important one of our lifetimes.


We have one last chance to get it right, to get America back on track, and to make it resemble something the Founding Fathers would recognize.


If Hillary Clinton is elected, the opportunity to make America great again will be lost—for generations to come at best and forever at worst.

We have been moving from a republic and towards a socialist nation for the past 40 years.


The federal government has assumed far too much control over state and local communities—and by extension, our daily lives.


This nation was founded on states’ rights, but they have been usurped by greedy career politicians and almost entirely forgotten by uninformed citizens.


Public school children are taught so little about American history now.


What they are learning is a politically correct surmised version of the fact.


Some textbooks even refer to the revolutionaries who fought for independence as “terrorists.”


Our rights have been slowly eroding and replaced with a notion of entitlement and dependency for far too long. Liberals love this.


The more the masses are beholden to the federal government and willing to give up their freedoms for the sake of perceived safety and handouts, the more power liberal politicians gain and the closer they get to realizing their dream of a society based upon the Cloward and Piven strategy.


This is it, folks. Take a good look around at the America we are standing in today and compare it to the one you grew up in.

Wake up your friends, neighbours, and loved ones to the reality we now face before they go to vote and it becomes too late to turn back from putting the final nail in the coffin of this once great nation.












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Everybody Loves Donald as Trump surges to Clear Lead over a Criminal Alternative in Hillary Clinton and her Media Mates

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Commentary by: Brendan Power



Twitter @powerglobalus





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