Debate 3: Trump’s Missed Opportunities, the punches he failed to land. Why did he let her off ?








Trump: Notes on Talking Points Debate: 3






People of America my message to you tonight is a simple one, to make America great again we must get American citizens back into good jobs and get America working again.

Having a job, confidence in a career path is the number one requirement for a sense of purpose and belonging, that allows individuals to feel they are contributing, make for good citizens and is the key to building good healthy and functional communities.

Right now many of our good people do not see that path, do not have that confidence, that sense that they are in the game, they are made to feel they have nothing to contribute, are of no value, are worthless, left out, forgotten .

So I stand here tonight with one purpose, sure I might not be forgotten, as the media have no doubt pointed out I am a representative of White Male Privilege and I get that.

Tonight what we must focus, the question now is how I can give back to my country, the United States of America in a meaningful way.

I can do that with your goodwill, support and blessing by doing what I do best, by building something beautiful, building something good, cleaning up the mess that democrats have made of our cities, our towns, your neighbourhoods, helping business, helping small local businesses employ a few more local people, getting America back in the black.




A Sense of Community

The strength of a nation is founded on the unity of its people, its sense of community. Each individual citizen must experience and feel a sense of purpose and belonging. That sense of purpose and belonging comes from being valued, feeling you have something to contribute and the prospect of a job, a career path is central to providing that purpose.




Mental Health



Recent studies have shown that trades and professions exposed to Global outsourcing or competition with an influx of cheaper foreign source labour whether legal or illegal experience a markedly higher incidence of anxiety, depression and many other forms of mental health and other serious health problems leading to lower overall productivity in local workers effected.

Is this really what we want.

Corporates may gain more productivity growth and profits, but at what cost to the health and wellbeing of our local communities. Take a good look at Hillary Clintons list of donors, Clinton Foundation Donors, The Saudis, Qatar, the corporates that pay Bill Clinton millions to give a speech, do you really think they bother themselves for one moment over your job prospects, your health and the health of your local community.

Be assured as your President I will be focusing on your sense of belonging, your job prospects, the health of your local community as a priority because I consider it as crucial to rebuilding the economic foundations of a better nation, a fundamental requirement in Making America Great Again.




Getting Started Focus on Priorities:



Jobs and the Economy: Getting America Working Again
Obama Care:

As your President I will abolish the farcical unsustainable con that has been imposed on the American worker known as Obama Care.

Obama Care is simply another example of Washington corruption it penalises the workers of this great nation in the cause of delivering control of health Insurance and huge profits to Insurance Companies in the favour of the Obama Clinton political machine.

American workers who are already struggling just to hold down a basic low paid job and their employers are being slugged with massive premium increases making it more expensive to employ workers, stifling growth in the small and independent business sector, while favoured big Insurance corporates receive massive subsidies in the billions of dollars from tax payers.

This unsustainable rort must end, as your President I will end the corruption.






As you might have heard I know a lot about tax law and how it works. All the commentary in media focussing on my Taxes failed to tell you that the return involved was completed and lodged by my Accountants on my instruction to ensure compliance with the Tax Code in place at the time.

It might be worth mentioning the Tax code provisions Hillary and the media have seen fit to shout loudest about were put in place by a Clinton administration.

I have never sought to hide the fact that I made a business loss at that time, and I was certainly not alone Steve Jobs, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett to name a few would have booked bigger losses at around the same time, far from being critical the media, Obama and Clinton have hailed these individuals as Greats of the Business World.

The Casinos I built at the time are still standing, my losses, my personal pain left something of value for others to run, they still provide a business, jobs and enjoyment for others, even when I fail, even when I lose, I at least leave behind something useful, a well-designed, well-constructed asset of use to the local community.

As a successful businessman, a successful developer, a builder, I create or improve buildings, resorts and other quality facilities that are of lasting value to the lives of individuals, providing thousands of jobs and enjoyment for millions. This is the same ability, experience, energy and focus I will bring to the job as your President.


Hillary Clinton and the Globalist Agenda:

Make no mistake my opponent has no commitment or interest in your individual welfare or the health of your local community.




Defence: The Mess in the Middle East

A lot of you would not know this but I have a lot of respect for a President a Democrat President John F Kennedy, Kennedy once went to visit one of our greatest Generals in Douglas Macarthur in the aging General Macarthur’s apartment.

Why I mention this meeting of two great American leaders has to do with the important advice Macarthur gave Kennedy concerning the bad business of politics polluting decision making and interfering in the purpose and persecution of war.

In that meeting Macarthur arguably our Nation’s greatest general who dedicated his long life to the defence of this Great Nation warned Kennedy against being drawn into the developing conflict in Vietnam. His point being that the whole reasoning and purpose of war was being perverted by politics.

That Korea had taught him our political leadership had to be clear about our objectives, clearly communicate those objectives to the Military Command, make it clear that once our political leadership commit our troops to battle all available viable military options and capability is made available and the Military leadership in the field has clear authority to act without conflicting political interference.

In short what Macarthur was saying that Washington should not involve US troops in a war unless the politicians, the people and the media were totally committed to doing what it takes to win.

It is not fair on our Military personnel for politicians to expect them to do their job, put their lives on the line unless they have a full and absolute commitment from the nation to support them, that means they must be given the authority to do the job, decide on the strategy, what options, what means will lead to winning the war, then politicians and media must let them do their job. Our involvement in the middle east fails to meet this test.

What we have in the middle east is a monstrous mess, there is no clear direction from Washington, lives have been sacrificed because of murky political considerations. We need to take a step back, reconsider the reality, redefine our priorities be clear of our objectives. Do we really need to be antagonising Russia, should we really be pursuing regime change in Syria.

A look back to the so called Arab Spring and the world media’s coverage at the time is instructive when determining the genesis of this debacle.

My opponent’s biggest backers, donors to the Clinton Foundation betray clear conflict of interest in attempts to prosecute regime change in Libya, Egypt and Syria, leading me to question the motives of the Obama administration and the then Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Was this Nation, our Military, seconded by the Obama administration to persecute a war that had nothing to do with the security of the United States of America, were our boys, our planes employed by Obama to further a pure political agenda at the behest of his friends “The Muslim Brotherhood”.

What happened in Benghazi, the telegraphing of our early troop withdrawal from Iraq, the snub and withdrawal of funding from Egypt following the Overthrow of a fundamentalist Muslim Brotherhood Government, all these actions indicate a political policy that has nothing to do with the security interests of our Nation.

Open Borders, means no borders, and it follows that as a nation is defined by its borders, you no longer have a nation, citizenship no longer means anything.

That in the end is the Clinton long term objective, not to run a nation of American citizens, but to dissolve our Nation, to erase our national identity, destroy our pride in being American.

Hillary Clinton and the Obama administration do not represent the people or the interests of this great nation when they promote their policy of open borders.

The only outcome from Hillary’s open borders utopia will be higher unemployment, an accelerated run down of our community services and infrastructure, more social disunity and unrest.

What they are about is doing the bidding of big corporate donors and foreign interests who seek to lower wages in America to make American workers compete against hordes of foreign workers for what jobs are left here in our own communities after they have outsourced millions of jobs to the third world.

It is simply not acceptable to continue peddling the lie that this nation should still open its arms to anyone and everyone who wants to get here.

The media is silent on the terrible state of affairs taking place over seas and has not mentioned the terrible backlash leaders like Germany’s Prime Minister Angela Merkle are receiving from their people.

If you have any concern or fear about the implications of increasing Islamic immigration. If you then voice that concern as opinion. According President Barak Obama, you are the Problem.

Hillary and her Media focus on Minority Racial, Sexual and Gender grievance, Global Warming and Open Borders Immigration only serves the interests of her donors the Transnational Corporates whose real interest is Lowering Wages and Compliance Costs.

As your President my priority will be to preserve American jobs for American citizens, I will not impose a UN globalist agenda that devalues American citizenship.


The Media Agenda – The Hypocrisy of Sex Sells A Fixed Election



The mainstream media enjoys a privileged position in our society, along with that comes a responsibility.

That responsibility includes a reasonable expectation that they will be honest, diligent and fair in reporting as news important facts that are of interest to the people of this Great Nation.

In the months leading up to an Election that responsibility is of crucial importance in providing you the people with the knowledge and awareness of issues relating to the national interest.

I maintain that in this election the main stream media in lock step in promoting on candidate, presenting Hillary Clinton in the most positive light possible while refusing to shine the spotlight of public scrutiny on issues of great importance that might paint her in a negative light.






A case in point is the Media’s total refusal to provide the American people with public access to available evidence that exposes an accurate insight into Hillary Clinton and her senior staff, their attitudes, actions and behaviour during her time as Secretary of State for the United States of America.

The Hillary Media have been relentless in their commitment to discredit the emails made available by Wikileaks, to the extreme of warning their listeners that reading and sharing them is in some way illegal.

Such utter nonsense carries the stench of state sponsored propaganda, corruption, collusion, a cover-up of unprecedented in the History of American elections.

Contrast the media treatment of Wikileaks when they released information relevant to the Iraq war same years ago, they were climbing over each other to publish anything that might embarrass the George w Bush administration.

So you might ask, what has changed. What has changed is that these this time the emails expose the truth of how the Obama and Clinton machine works behind scenes, they are a clear and undeniable record of staggering conceit, corruption and collusion involving a number of senior Obama administration staff and their communications with Clinton Foundation operatives.

These Wikieaks emails a clear evidence of misbehaviour in our government at the highest level, Wikileaks has provided our nation a great service in the interest of transparent and open government, they would be embraced and celebrated as a whistle blower by any honest professional journalist doing their job.

Hollow Hillary the Champion of a Certain Sort of Women:

I think Madelaine Albright said it all when she announced “there is a special place in hell for women who do not vote for Hillary”.

While the media play their games as directed by Hillary, they ignore the issues of importance to o nation, trotting out their replanned conga line of women to make on sensational allegation of sexual assault after another, all are fabrications, easily debunked when we look at the connections all of them have to Hillary Clinton, her Clinton Foundation and Media organisations who are involved in orchestrating a unprecedented relentless and unprincipled character assignation of a Presidential candidate.

This same media refuse to discuss the record of Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill Clinton when it comes to the treatment of women.

The lame excuse that Bill is not running for President does not fly, there are numerous women who have come forward over many years who testify to Bill Clinton and his abuse of women, but just as important are their claims that Hillary Clinton compounded the abuse with her efforts to cover up her husband’s crimes, through threats and intimidation of the women involved.

Hillarys treatment of a 12 year old rape victim is pertinent to any serious appraisal of Hillary Clinton and her commitment to the proper treatment of all victims of Rape and sexual assault.
In her capacity as a defence lawyer Hillary Clinton systemically humiliated, bullied and victimised this young girl publicly, claiming a 12-year-old has asked to be raped.

Further the full details of this disgraceful performance by a woman who now seeks to be President while claiming to be a champion for women, are readily available to the media, including a recording of Clinton laughing hysterically with colleagues over the suffering they had just visited on this young girl and her family.

Hillary Clinton and those in the media who follow her instructions are a disgrace. The Clinton name has and continues o demean the Office of the President of the United States of America.

My only aim in seeking your support to allow me to serve you as President of the United States of America is to give you the people of this great country a reason to dream once more, To know you are safe, your community is safe, your job is safe. To make America Safe again, to Make America Rich again, to make America Great Again.

I humbly ask that you give consideration to voting DONALD TRUMP, so that we can together embark on the task of getting America Working again for all Americans.


Thank you America.






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