Rupert, “Call off The Dogs” Appeal to Murdoch’s Decency, Wikimails meet Public Interest Test, American People Have a Right to Truth before they Vote.


Call off the Dogs Rupert, lead the Press Pack in Respecting a Constitution and a People that have treated you so well, let the people of America hear the whole story, the Truth, all the facts, including the Wikileaks Emails so they can make a decision for themselves.

Rupert Murdoch is in a position to make the difference, he can continue to allow this farce to go on, or he can do the reasonable and decent thing and instruct his people to utilise the Wikileaks emails as a legitimate source as every self respecting journalist should.


This continueing boycott of Wikileaks emails, shows contempt for the American electorate and the future wellbeing of a country that adopted him as a citizen in good faith.

To date the Media Pack has disgraced it profession, displaying the same fawning obedience to the Soros Globalist agenda as exposed for all to see in the latest Podesta email involving Loretta Lynch responding with


“I would only do this for political reasons (ie to make SOROS happy)”


Surely an appeal to decency is in order, is this the sort of administration that you Rupert Murdoch want your Organisation to be seen endorsing.

Further more we have plainly seen the conceited reality of the “TWO FACED” Hillary Clinton with her “Private Policy Positions” for Corporate Donors and Her Public Policy Statements for consumption by the general public, merely messages to distract the voter and give the Media and excuse for not following up other sources.

Does Rupert Murdoch really want to risk being caught with Hillary Clinton and a sycophant Media on the wrong side of history?

You Rupert have seen Clinton’s private distain and contempt for a clear majority of the American people, be they older White Males just like you, or hard working Latino and African Americans, Coal Miners, Catholics, Evangelical Christians, and people from the Middle East who she clearly referrers to as “Sand Niggers”.

Come on Rupert, how about you give the people “The Truth”, come on mate!

I understand that the must have new business paradigm being pushed at the highest levels insists on a Globalist agenda and must appear tempting from your perspective.

But then hey Rupert, you have not been successful by always following, or listening to them.

Please just stop for a moment, look around the world at what is happening, happening to us all in America, Australia, Europe, to real people, human beings, to the basic unit of human support and purpose, “The Family”, local community, it is fragmenting, disintegrating before our eyes.

Don’t be a part of this destruction, this undoing of the economic and social model that has served us and you so well, do not subscribe to the destruction of Judeo Christian Democratic Capitalism, just because it does not work in Africa and the Middle East.


Check out the research on depression and mental health in industries recently exposed to competition from foreign labour.

Sure labour, employees are a resource in the economic mix, the business cost benefit analysis, but they are more than just a resource, they make up communities, human communities.

Open Borders is simplistic concept, that does not take into account the very real cost of a breakdown in the basic motivation, the sense of pride and purpose that an individual obtains from identifying with Nation and Community.


It is time Rupert, you can sit there and watch the greatest free nation on earth convulsed in a to the death struggle with the Corrupt Soros Clinton cabal, or you can do as I and many would urge you to do, just be fair, give Trump and Wikileaks fair coverage, let the people of this once great nation hear and see the truth.





As a native Australian I have personally always admired Rupert Murdoch and his achievements from a far with some amount of respect.

This appeal is based on a belief, a gut instinct, that just as I have been vindicated in my judgement of Trump with his passionate love of his country and his willingness to serve its people, Rupert Murdoch may in his late years retain some memory of where he has come from and what the UN Globalist Agenda will mean on the ground in the established Nations, cultures and communities of the Western World.


So I hope my gut judgement of Rupert Murdoch might be prove correct in that he has it within him to be decent, show some respect for the people and nation that has welcomed him as one of them.

Your call Mr Murdoch, make a difference, side with the people, it will not be forgotten.

Side with the Truth, you know Donald Trump is not the monster the Main Stream Media has painted him as, nobody deserves to be slandered, impugned and defamed as he has in a planned character assignation so planned, fake and desperate that it disgraces all involved.


It should not be that hard, the real people, ordinary working folk who buy your papers and watch your shows, without them you would not have the wealth and freedom you enjoy, they just want the basic right to hear the simple, unadulterated truth about the Clintons and the Obama administration, without undue comment, opinion or censorship from your editors or presenters, we ask that you just give it to us straight, Report the News.

Allow the people to hear and see a full and frank debate on all the issues that concern them and their children’s future, be fully informed, make their own minds up, make their own call on their future when they vote.

Don’t abuse your privileged position and power Rupert, you were put there by God that you might do good, it is in your gift to expose this corrupt Clinton/Obama regime for what it is, or forever answer to you conscience as a Christian who betrayed a great nation.

Australians say, Americans deserve a fair go mate.

Its your call Rupert, the ball is in your court, the future of Judeo Christian Democratic Capitalism.

I think you as a man have what it takes to do the right thing.

Please don’t let me down mate.


Brendan Power

Twitter: @powerglobalus

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