How Barak Obama directed James Comey to Exonerate Hillary Clinton

PART ONE of “Get Trump” an insightful and hard hitting 5 Part series taking a closer look in behind the appointment of Special Prosecutor ROBERT MUELLER.

by Brendan Power September 9th 2017.



On April 10, 2016,

President Obama publicly stated:

Hillary Clinton had shown “carelessness” in using a private e-mail server to handle classified information, but he insisted that she had not intended to endanger national security.

In hindsight, it stands to reason that this statement was a signal, a “Dog Whistle” to the Clinton campaign, the Media and to FBI Director James Edgar Comey.

Here ends the debate, the legal test for Hillary Clinton was no longer to be, “has she broken the law”.

That being those existing US legal statutes that pertain to the treatment of classified information by responsible officeholders, for it was by now clearly evident to just about everyone that she had.

No, Obama was shifting, had just shifted the goal posts, his word was now law, to anyone in the Washington establishment that mattered, that meant game over.



Not for the first time Barak Obama was attempting to define his Presidential Legacy by employing his most enduring personal and political quality, an audacious arrogance.

In one statement he dispensed with all the bother of the Democrat’s Star Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton being at any risk of criminal charges, by redefining the legal evidentiary requirements for any successful prosecution.

No longer would it matter whether what she did, or did not do, was legal or not.

Her actions may well have been illegal, even criminal according to statute law, but everyone in Washington who mattered had now been instructed by POTUS personally to accept that a new legal paradigm prevails in relation to the Democrat Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton when it comes to the question of emails, servers and National Security specifically.

One where Barak Obama as President, by decree, has introduced a new legal requirement which for now at least will be assumed to override any existing statutes.

Clearly this play had all been agreed well ahead of time, it was agreed that establishment media would not make any silly spectacle, we could not abide CNN reporters carrying on about overreach, obstruction of justice or proper process.

Obama decreed that even if Hillary had committed what the law had deemed to be a criminal act, that was in the past, it was not that important in the broader scheme of things, in an election year and further in the President’s opinion it was clear that despite her careless disregard for proper procedure in her handling of classified information as Secretary of State, Hillary did not really intend any harm to the Nation.

End of Story, To Easy, Moving On.

So, what we do know, is that it was President Barak Obama who clearly and publicly introduced a consideration of Hillary Clinton’s state of mind, her intent, when committing numerous serious breaches of the law, as the preeminent and defining determinant in deciding her guilt or innocence.

This he did despite and regardless of the fact, consideration of intent or state of mind was absent, had been specifically omitted, from  legal statutes of any relevance to her actions, violating security protocols in such a senior position.

Obama was deliberately, publicly and brazenly setting up a legal STRAW MAN for political purposes.

He had decreed that the onus of Proof of Hillary’s State of Mind and Intent was required, thus providing a new Burden of Proof, a legal hurdle for any Prosecutor, well knowing, probably already briefed that it would provide sufficient cover, an easy excuse for the DOJ and FBI when their investigation and any case against Clinton fell over because of it.

With his statement in April 2016, Obama effectively laid the ground work for how the Obama Administration operatives at the DOJ and FBI would be released from the tedious requirement that they follow the letter of the law in administering justice, now they had a roadmap to lifting the cloud that threatened to derail a Democrat Presidential campaign.

The groundwork had been done, all that was left was for the players to take up there roles, make their preparations, condition the trusted media, minimise expectations and wait for the right moment when Clinton’s exoneration would be most devastating to the GOP Presidential campaign.

And so it is a great wonder why anybody would be surprised when,

On July 5, 2016, FBI director James Comey publicly stated:

Hillary Clinton had been “extremely careless” in using a private email server to handle classified information, but he insisted that she had not intended to endanger national security.


The director went on to seemingly detail Clinton’s guilt, acknowledging that classified information had been transmitted via Secretary Clinton’s server, but then suggested that, in the greater scheme of things, it was just a small percentage of the emails involved, so under the circumstances it wasn’t an indictable offence.

The Director of the FBI repeated almost word for word Obama’s statement and logic, in a clear abrogation of his legal responsibilities he plagiarised Obama’s Presidential Decree.

It is only now in hindsight we can see that which was meant to be concealed, it is obvious Obama was clearly communicating (Dog Whistling) to those in his administration back in early April 2016 and his message is both clear and simple.

The President has decided, Hillary Clinton is to be cleared of any indictable offences, she will be free to run as the Democrat Party’s Presidential candidate in November 2016, make it happen.

It is interesting in the light of recent media treatment of Trump as President, to re-examine the Main Stream Media’s tendency to give Obama a free pass in these important situations.

Where were the concerns about POTUS pressure, ongoing independent FBI investigations, obstruction of justice, or had all that already been agreed with the media, Obama’s FBI, DOJ, DNC instructions and guidance were to be signalled in public statements, the hapless Trump would be silly enough to invite trouble talking to Comey one on one, how sickening. cue public nausea.

What it also tells us clearly, is that Trump has been right all along, the fix was on, the FBI’s Hillary Clinton Email Investigation was a total Sham, they the whole Obama Administration were playing us the Public and the Media were in on it.

This game had already been rigged long before Trump was endorsed as the Republican Nominee for November’s Presidential poll.



James Comey: A History of Obstructing Justice

James Comey

FBI Director James Comey testifies on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, July 7, 2016, before the House Oversight Committee to explain his agency’s recommendation to not prosecute Hillary Clinton, now the Democratic presidential candidate, over her private email setup during her time as secretary of state, . (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

James Edgar Comey, a Chicken Bone in the throat of American Justice.


That Clinton was allowed to run for President in 2016 will go down as the worst political abuse of our systems of Justice in American history.

Clinton was political DEAD MEAT without James Comey .

The fact that James Edgar Comey was instrumental in it can hardly be called an accident of history, we have all been here before, it is way past time for Comey’s history of being there for Hillary to be thoroughly investigated by a Grand Jury.


This is not the first time James Comey has snatched Hillary Clinton from the jaws of justice, in fact it has happened way too many times for it to be considered fortuitous.

Like a loyal puppy dog James Comey has somehow miraculously over several decades always been in position to save Hillarys’ butt whenever she gets herself in trouble with the law.

No other individual, who has done what Clinton has done, would be in any position to stand as a credible candidate for President of the USA.

Like many others I sat confused following Comey’s statement clearing Hillary Clinton.

It was the whole structure and nature of the statement and its presentation, it all seemed to contradict itself, most probably because it did.

Clinton had done wrong, she had in all probably compromised the Security of the USA and its Security Assets, yes under the relevant legal statutes anyone else would be indicted and go to jail.

But we were all apparently supposed to be certain Hillary didn’t mean any harm really, she had no intention to harm the country, after all you have to understand its Hillary, she’s got a big new gig coming up in November and it will all be back on her plate anyway, so in the interests of everyone we think it is best to let her off.

To those of us sensitive to legal niceties it reeked of political expediency seemed blatant and audacious, almost regal in its arrogance.

My feeling at the time was that maybe Comey was just a good guy in a very bad spot and to some degree he probably was, but I felt if he could not do the job, then the honourable thing to do was to resign.

But then if you, like Obama, the Media, Establishment and everyone else believe Clinton is a shoe in to win, maybe you do save yourself so much grief and earn yourself a stonking big presidential favour while you are at it.

So it is at just about this point what we now know about James E Comey starts to look a lot less innocent;

We know James Comey was a Deputy Federal Prosecutor overseeing the FBI investigation into Clinton’s involvement in the Whitewater Property Investment Scandal back in the 1990s when relevant Clinton legal files, key evidence, any contracts and agreements between the Clintons and their co-accused friends and partners in the deal , were found to have been “Thrown Out” by staff at her old Legal practice. Is this the beginnings of a  pattern of behaviour, or just coincidence, something that only begins to look so suspicious in hindsight.

Only today we might call it predictable that the critical evidence disappeared, not only that, but that the FBI failed to raid the offices and properties of key suspects in a high profile investigation, where there normal procedure is to raid properties first, without notice, seize all documents, copies and devices, in order to and for the very purpose of securing the relevant evidence.

Comey found Clinton had no case to answer. Mark that down as STRIKE ONE.

James Comey was also oversaw the FBI investigation into Clinton’s Pardon’s for Cash case, where Prominent New York Financiers previously found guilty of Fraud were Pardoned by Pres Bill Clinton, these same Financiers were later instrumental in raising funds for Hillary Clinton’s New York Senate Run.

Again, James Comey found Clinton had no case to answer. Mark that down as STRIKE TWO.

We also now know thanks to a number of Department of Justice staffers who have only come forward in recent days that James Comey as FBI Director had circulated a number of draft versions of a statement similar to his final public version exonerating Clinton and clearing her of any indictable offence in the Benghazi email investigation or servergate as early as April/May 2016, this was long before the FBI had conducted any interviews or taken any statements from the 17 key witnesses.

We know Clinton destroyed or ordered her staff to destroy email records after they had been subpoenaed by Congress, she & her staff destroyed iPhones, Blackberries & Computers, using Bleachbit to wipe her home server clean from containing evidence.

In the last week Maryland judge has order an investigation into three lawyers who reportedly helped Hillary Clinton delete her private emails. But Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News senior judicial analyst, told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney in a recent interview on September 12th that the worst that could happen to them is a public reprimand.

All key Clinton staff and potential witnesses were given immunity from prosecution by the FBI, none of them were questioned under caution before questioning.

If police or the FBI fail to caution suspects or witnesses before questioning, it would usually indicate any information provided is not intended to be used against the person being interviewed in a court of law.

At no point did Comey and FBI consider following what would be normal FBI procedure to raid Clinton properties to seize data & devices before evidence could be destroyed.

Comey has suggested he took matters into his own hands following Attorney General Loretta Lynch insisting the Clinton Investigation be referred to, not as an Investigation, but rather a Matter. Only recently has Comey communicated that he was concerned by what appeared to be a clear attempt by the US Attorney General, his Boss, to interfere in his investigation in an apparent attempt to down play the seriousness of an official FBI investigation, by having it referred to publicly as a mere “Matter”.

Again new rules, there were existing internal procedures Comey should have followed to report such concerns, he did not report any concerns. Under normal circumstances US Attorney General Loretta would have been asked to recuse herself from any further involvement.

Comey now says he felt he needed to push things along when news broke of a secret 20 minute meeting between Ex US President Bill Clinton the husband of Hillary Clinton the target of his investigation and his boss US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, as their private planes just happened to taxi and park next to each other on an airport tarmac on morning, not much more than a week before he was scheduled to begin questioning Hillary Clinton.

I and any decent prosecutor would find it very interesting to have James Comey explain exactly why he felt that way, in detail.

Comey interviewed Clinton without caution on July 2nd, and cleared her on July 5th2016.

We now know Comey lied at least once to a Congressional Judicial committee claiming he did not make any decision on the Clinton email matter until after he had interviewed Hillary Clinton.

Taking into consideration all of the above, I found myself questioning why nobody in the Media or the GOP has been willing or able to see what is obvious, they had all this information in their hands, it happened in front of them, they are paid to pick these things up, that is their job.

Of far more concern today, is this question, are they even willing or able to look at what is happening and admit it is wrong or as some have suggested, are they all bought and paid for. Maybe, Maybe not, there is another credible and logical explanation, one that  everyone or at least 94% of Washington would feel very comfortable with.

In a September 12 interview mentioned earlier Judge Andrew Napolitano, Fox News senior judicial analyst, told the FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney, Napolitano sees criminal charges against Clinton as unlikely at this point.

“The government has chosen not to prosecute. [Attorney General] Jeff Sessions, the Justice Department, can investigate, indict and prosecute, but they choose not to do so,” he said. Napolitano disagreed with the decision not to prosecute, telling Varney, “I think it’s a terrible decision not to prosecute. They should prosecute Mrs Clinton because there’s ample evidence of her guilt, and they should prosecute anybody that destroyed evidence in a criminal investigation.”

When Varney asked Napolitano if he was disappointed with Sessions so far, Napolitano responded, “Yes, even though he’s my friend, I’m going to hear about this, yes, for this and for other reasons.” According to Napolitano, the culture in government is holding back Sessions from pursuing an investigation against Clinton.

“It’s an institutional culture in government,” he said. “We don’t want to go after our predecessors because we don’t want our successors to come after us.”

Maybe that best explains what we been seeing with investigations into the Clintons over several decades, it would appear to be the most logical explanation, it answers the questions so many people have been asking since the Clinton Circus first rolled into Washington back in 1992.

But, and it is a big BUT, while Washington may breathe a sigh of relief at the adoption of such logic, someone needs to remind Washington that Washington is not America.

If we accept that there was no Voter Fraud in Washington, then we must also accept that the official vote count in the November 2016 Presidential election is a confirmation of political dysfunction, as Donald Trump comfortably won the Electoral College across America 306 to Clintons 232, including 2600 Counties to Clintons meagre 500, all in all a stunning 83% of the Geographic Nation.

The American Federal Electoral College was devised to provide a proper representation of the will of a majority of the people in a majority of the states that agreed to join together in common interest to create a Federal Government which it was eventually agreed would be based in the Washington.

Washington on the other hand voted a whopping 94% in favour of Hillary Clinton Presidency in the 2016 US Presidential Election.

More than anything else that has been discussed, this goes to explain the so called divide in American Politics, it explains the “To big to Jail” attitude that appears to have captured the Washington Bureaucracy and the Establishment Media.

I will leave this issue here for now, but I do just want you to think about something over the next few days. In view of what you have just read, would it concern you at all to know that James Comey intentionally leaked details of private meetings with newly elected President Trump to the major news media, feeding the Media frenzy surrounding the Obama’s Russiagate accusations. That Comey has admitted he leaked to the press because Trump made him feel nauseous, he felt he did not trust the new President.

That Comey’s the leaks, as with his evidence to various Congressional Committees involved a concerted campaign to imply that Trump had pressured him to drop an FBI inquiry into possible Collusion with Russians by Trump’s Campaign Surrogates, leading to a possibility that Trump could be accused of “Obstruction of Justice”.

James Comey has admitted it was his intention when leaking to reporters, that it might encourage or hasten the appointment of a Special Prosecutor to investigate Donald Trump and his campaign team.

We will be looking closely at the players behind the “RUSSIA HACKED OUR ELECTION” narrative in the next week.

But just for now be advised that all is not what it seems at the FBI, the photo at the beginning of this piece includes two people for good reason, can you guess what that reasoning might be?

Covering up a Conspiracy

The issue here is, what possessed James Comey to step well outside what he knew to be the limits of his Authority, exceed his paygrade and take it upon himself to sum up the case against Hillary Clinton, then pass judgement.


We now know, that for James Comey, his public statement exonerating Hillary Clinton was no rush of blood, spur of the moment thing, this was a calculated, deliberate and planned political move which it had been decided at least as early as April, would be carried out at the Direction of the then President Barak Obama.

Comey’s actions clearly betray his state of mind, he knew what he was doing and he knew very well why he was doing it, he knew his actions amounted to a most audacious obstruction of justice, but he made the call in the comfort and knowledge of expert predictions in all main stream media showing Hillary Clinton as odds on favourite to win the Presidential election,  meaning he James Edgar Comey would have two American Presidents so deep in his debt.

I am right, am I not? James?

Oh and yes Mr McCabe, Mr Podesta, I wouldn’t want you to feel your roles had been ignored, looking forward to seeing how you both develop as players, adjust to new interpretations of your roles over the next few weeks.

NOTE: You have been reading PART ONE Of “Get Trump”, an insightful and hard hitting 5 Part series looking closely at what was behind the appointment of Special Prosecutor ROBERT MUELLER. Follow @powerglobalus on Twitter for the full series & plus updates.

We will be releasing a further four articles over the next two weeks, each focused on the various characters, themes and narratives of the 2016 US Presidential Race that led to the Election of DONALD TRUMP and the first six months of his Administration, a most unique and important turning point in the history of the this republic.

by Brendan Power



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