THE TRUMP RUSSIA SMEAR: Podesta’s Cunning Plan from April 2016.


Written by Brendan Power for
20th February 2018.

“If that bastard wins, we all hang from nooses! Lauer’s finished… and if I lose its all on your heads for screwing this up. You better fix this shit!” Hillary Clinton screams at Donna Brazille October 17 2016.

Hillary Rodham Clinton

I think we all know what she was referring to, any good lawyer knows when a defendant has got too emotional and said too much, even she would know she lost it and gave the game away, yet to date nobody in law enforcement has thought it important to question any of the Clinton crime cartel.

In “GET TRUMP” the eye watering, explosive 5 Part Series full of political corruption and intrigue , we take you behind the curtain, to give you a peek at what really happened in America’s 2016 Presidential race.

GET TRUMP Part 1: Obstruction of Justice – Obama & Comey Clear & Cheer for Hillary

GET TRUMP Part 2: Podesta launches the TRUMP RUSSIA SMEAR.

GET TRUMP Part 3: HACKED?: Crowd Strike and the DNC server
GET TRUMP Part 4: Hillary’s Dossiers of Deception
GET TRUMP Part 5: Coup d’état: 12 months of Treachery and Treason.

April 10 2016 The Day Justice Died: (refer to Get TRUMP Part 1)

Remember the date April 10, 2016, it is key, because for Hillary Clinton and John Podesta it meant “Game On”. Whatever deals and planning had gone on between the Hillary Clinton and Obama camps behind the scenes, it was on April 10, 2016 that Obama signalled the deal was done and he was good for it.


Obama had spoken, Hillary Clinton would be free to stand as the Democrat candidate for President. Hillary would still have to go through a farcical rigged Democrat Primary process but for all intents and purposes Obama’s statement redeemed a potential felon, effectively endorsing her as a President in waiting. Oh, we must apologise to Bernie and those who donated funds for his campaign for not telling you earlier, but from April 10 on all else was only intended to be tolerated as necessary political theatre. branded April 10, 2016 “The day American Justice Died”, because from that day on, in respect of the Clinton investigation, proper Judicial process was thrown out the door, any honest DOJ staffer or FBI agent expecting to enforce proper procedure would be either kept in the dark, intimidated, sidelined or forced out the door, any request for information from a Congressional committee would be treated with contempt.


Loretta Lynch had been appointed Attorney General earlier in 2015 when it became obvious they the Clinton Machine needed a trusted insider at the DOJ to manage any fallout from the Hillary email server development, senior investigators resign or are moved aside to make way as trusted Senior Clinton operatives like “Andy” (Andrew McCabe) and Podesta’s mate Peter Kadzik Assistant Attorney General, are systematically embedded and promoted within the DOJ and FBI structure to tame and control any Clinton considerations.


While there are earlier emails like that on September 8th from Dan Pfeiffer that suggested bedwetting by some over Hillary’s handling of her Benghazi email issues the most interesting emails begin to appear around February 2016.

The notorious Clinton Machine had not been idle, as we can see from his own personal emails Podesta had been busy through 2015 with Googles top two executives Eric Schmidt and Sheryl Sandberg among many other top Silicon Valley Tech and Social Media Giants providing funding, research, advice, support and best wishes.

On August 7 2015 Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg thanks Podesta regarding introductions at the “Centre For American progress”, another notorious George Soros funded Leftist Propaganda cabal.

By April 2016 Hillary Clinton was free of any need for the tedious concerns about Justice or Proper Process, while we are yet to know the details of the dirty deal, we do know on April 10 Obama had spoken, Hillary had been Careless, but she had not intended any harm”, his comments were a signal, what the Democrats call a “DOG WHISTLE” to the faithful, Washington knew their horse was back in the race, felon, criminal or whatever, she was to be given a Free Pass by the Obama Administration.

Senate Democrats Hold Briefing On GOP Attack On Social Security

In time we would be enlightened to the farce that was the Democrat Primary, where Bernie and his donors wasted their time, money and effort only to find Team Hillary had already mounted a takeover of the DNC and were in no mood for anything as tedious as a fair contest. The outcome had been bought and paid for possibly a year earlier. You can refer to the relevant court transcripts for evidence.

When politics comes to the downright dirty and the treacherous, when a real position of power is on the line, few can match the will and intent of the Clinton Machine, now all that could potentially stand between “The Machine” and “The Presidency” was who ever could survive the knock em down, drag em out battle, that was the Republican Primary.
Podesta obviously had a read on who he thought that might be and was wasting no time planning his and Hillary Clinton’s response.

We know at this point the Clinton Machine has all Mainstream Media and Social Media along with the Obama Administration, Many Democrat State Administrations and Hundreds of fraudulent charitable groups Nationwide and Globally lined up to promote their message.

It is about this time that any serious political analyst would have realised that ignoring the obviously biased and hopelessly inaccurate media polling, Jeb Bush was struggling, Donald Trump was a serious contender and in all probability Trump’s superior national profile would overcome the only other serious Republican political outsider Ted Cruz.
It is amongst the Podesta emails we find a hint, the beginnings of where the Clinton Campaign Manager was headed next.


We see comments from Podesta admonishing those blindly advocating the “Pied Piper” theory, a strategy that encourages the Media to focus on the Republican outsiders assuming they can be easily goaded to lead the debate too far to the extreme Right, leaving themselves and the GOP open to accusations of extremism, ultimately making their eventual candidate an easy target in later Presidential debates.

Podesta warns members of the Clinton cabal against falling for their own propaganda, Trump is no chump when it comes to celebrity and marketing, he is up there with that progressive Icon Steve Jobs, Podesta suggested. So we can assume Podesta is at this point advising the Clinton campaign to be more constructive in preparing pre-emptive measures to thwart any future Trump Presidential campaign.


In a February 2016 email Joel Johnson and Jennifer Palmieri advocate an urgent need to “Swift Boat Trump”, in military terms this refers to using faster smaller boats to mount a hostile attack in order to board and take over control of a much bigger vessel, in hindsight it would be interesting to hear Johnson and Palmieri explain just exactly what they meant by their use of the term, but perhaps this time under oath.

It is interesting to note the significance of April 2016 does not stop with Obama clearing the legal path for Hillary to run for President. No April 2016 is significant or notable for at least two other events, the timing and significance of which cannot in hindsight be put down to coincidence.

Understand at this point in time, the Obama Administration, Security Services and Mainstream Media had all been alerted to the existence of ongoing Russian and Chinese Hacking operations. There is nothing new in recent attempts by foreign players attempting to Hack into American Companies, Utilities or Government computer systems for any number of reasons. Many books have been written and movies made, all that changes are the characters and the technology.


The Identities Mentioned recently in Robert Mueller’s so-called indictments were largely known and had been in place since 2014, David Nunes is on the record at that time as warning the Public and the Government about exactly this sort of thing, so the question is, what did the Obama administration and the FBI do to prevent the sort of thing Mueller has reported. Short answer, NOTHING or Sweet F*ck All.

A CNN report dated April 8, 2015 covered an announcement by two members of Obama’s National Security Council, WH Press Secretary Ben Rhodes and Mark Stroh a onetime Special Assistant to Hillary Clinton, outlining steps the Obama Administration was taking to safeguard the White House against any future Cyber Attacks following a so called “Phishing Email Hack” detected within the White House in January 2015.

We know Bernie Sanders campaign Staffer Josh Wretsky had been sacked on the 20 of December 2015 following accusations from the DNC and Hillary Clinton Campaign of a system breach resulting in Bernie’s campaign gaining unauthorised access to DNC data. The DNC subsequently completely cut off the Sanders campaign from any access to DNC data.

We are told that John Podesta received a Phishing Email on March 19, 2016. It seems there was some confusion within the Clinton campaign office as an IT staffer sent out a confused message meant to warn that the email was “legitimate or genuine” when he had in fact meant the opposite.

So we know that well before April 2016 and before there existed any certainty for any Trump Presidential Campaign, there are already ample examples of Podesta being alerted to and well aware of Russia’s long running campaign to interfere with and disrupt US Business and Government entities in general, the 2016 Primaries and Presidential Campaign one would expect to be a target as they had been in the past.

It was in April 2016 we see John Podesta first suggesting “we could use the Russia Smear” on Trump, should he win the Republican Primary’s and gain endorsement from the GOP.
This is well before Fusion GPS engaged Christopher Steele to produce any so-called Dossier on Trump, it is also well before any reported Hack of the DNC servers, Podesta was suggesting a pre-emptive or proactive approach that would smear Trump with the Russia tag before any of the events we will be proffered as evidence of same has even happened

Almost two years later, so many investigations and paid professional investigators, all accusing, discussing, talking about Russian Interference, branding the Trump campaign with collusion, has anyone of them thought to stop, just for one moment and ask, what exactly did Podesta mean, he did actually send this email in April 2016, it does imply a preparedness to Smear Trump and his Presidential campaign and it is described as the “Russia Smear”. Any clue, anybody?


But back to April 2016, a busy month when it comes to the TRUMP RUSSIA SMEAR and its genesis, DR Evelyn Farkas a Member of Soros “Think Tanks” the Council on Foreign Relations and the Atlantic Council, was a foreign policy adviser to Hillary Clinton who would become notable a year later for her statement “If they found out how we knew the Trump stuff” referring to the Obama administrations illegal spying on Donald Trump and his campaign.

But in April 2016 Farkas is busy launching the Smear campaign with her column in POLITICO titled “Trump and Putin, two liars separated at birth” wherein much was made of her previous Pentagon position as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defence for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia, of course it failed to make any mention of her links to the Clinton campaign.

It is obvious to anyone with a mind that is open to the reality of how these things happen, meetings had been held, deals had been done, decisions made, a strategy and certain course of action set in play. No doubt Podesta was aware that Paul Manafort had promoted himself within the Trump campaign, Podesta having worked with Manafort on the European Centre for a Modern Ukraine job, the very work that has resulted in charges against Manafort and Gates, Podesta was in a unique position to exploit any weaknesses he was aware of, with an Obama Administration, FBI and CIA seemingly ever eager to do the bidding of the Clinton Campaign.

So in late April 2016, we are now told the DNC contacted the FBI to report suspicious activity on its computer networks and subsequently hires Crowd Strike to monitor and secure its network.

For now we will leave you with 2 more in a long line of puzzling questions.

Having read the desperate and pointless exercise that is Muellers Indictment of 17 Russians for whatever, Note Rosenstein did mention that there was no allegation that any American citizen was wittingly involved and furthermore he states there is no allegation that these Russians and their actions had in any way effected the election results.


So now we ask, why did Mueller spend so much time and effort on such worthless and pointless task, when there are really only two questions that need answering;

1/ Why hasn’t Mueller, the FBI or anyone else carried out a full forensic analysis of the DNC servers and held a joint independent review of any data, records and documentation held by or produced by Crowd Strike and the DNC. John MacAfee and other industry experts should be consulted as part of any such review. This is the only way we will have any definitive answers on the key question, was the DNC server Hacked, if so by who? Russians? Or was it basically a leak by an insider that the DNC and the Hillary Clinton campaign was so keen to cover-up they co-opted the Security Agencies of the US Government to corroborate their fabricated story.

2/ Why hasn’t the US Government been intelligent enough to work out that sitting down to proper talks with Julian Assange would be the quickest and cheapest way to ascertain exactly how he came by the Podesta emails. Again a deal could be struck where Wikileaks and Assange hand over any supporting data and documents for independent expert analysis.

“GET TRUMP” Part 3: will take a detailed look at Crowd Strike, its directors and their links to the FBI, the Obama Administration and George Soros.




Written by Brendan Power for
20th February 2018


GET TRUMP Part 1: Obstruction of Justice – Obama & Comey Clear & Cheer for Hillary
GET TRUMP Part 2: Podesta launches the TRUMP RUSSIA SMEAR.
GET TRUMP Part 3: HACKED?: Crowd Strike and the DNC server
GET TRUMP Part 4: Hillary’s Dossiers of Deception
GET TRUMP Part 5: Coup d’état: 12 months of Treachery and Treason.


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11 thoughts on “THE TRUMP RUSSIA SMEAR: Podesta’s Cunning Plan from April 2016.

  1. I think the “Swift Boat” reference was specifically directed to the 2004 attacks on John Kerry by other Vietnam veterans… “insiders” or peers who could inflict the most damage. That would for Trump, of course, include women making (true or false) accusations, a tactic that would draw attention away from the Clinton record on abusing women of all ages.


  2. In reference to Clinton’s logistical operations thru the DNC, with the “hack” of its server and all the scattered emails and money laundering for opposition research thru the Russians, it makes you wonder how much information Seth Rich could have provided by now……

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  3. I read somewhere that MCCain one of those funding Crowdstrike-might check into that-If he funded Crowdstrike who then deceived that Russia hacked DNC-Well…


  4. Thank you!

    This is the most concise, fact filled essay on the RUSSIA SMEAR. Source docs and further investigative papers included; for depth!

    Awesome report!


  5. Thank you for the superb job of investigative reporting that so few indulge in these days –or so few DARE to indulge in… it is only by reading carefully through this that we can start to put the pieces together….This is so huge, so complex, so full of actors and audacious and so damn EVIL…not “how can we continue the globalization and keep power behind the scenes while allowing for a 1% chance of a Trump win?” but ‘how, in case he wins, can we be sure that he is TAKEN OUT — personally, politically, in business, through his family and acquaintances…and also TAKE OUT his supporters, just because they have to be warned to never, ever, even think of doing something like this (supporting an outsider) again” ?

    What I cannot believe is how anyone can possibly have a clue about even a smidgen of the pure, ballsy corruption involved –well, as pure as corruption can be — how anyone who knows even a little of this twisted tale can go on supporting the Dims.

    I’m well-aware of the uniparty and the supposed trading back-and-forth of power between the supposedly different political parties…It is only by being a microscopic bit less corrupt than the Dims that the Republicans can claim any honor at all…if not for the Freedom Caucus and people like Nunes, the American people would have NO one representing them…well, except for the president and the White Hats working against these people.

    Pray for America, ‘cos these are some bad, bad people.

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  6. They won’t get away with it! One way or another, they will pay a big price! When this info starts
    to spread, SOMETHING must be done!


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