“Blown by a wind of great force, they roared as they travelled. Balls of crackling fire sped at a great pace in advance of the fires, consuming with a roaring, explosive noise all they touched.”
(Judge LEB Stretton reporting on the 1939 fires in Victoria.)

Fire disaster is not new to Australia, the Australian bush is meant to burn, it is by its own nature highly combustible.

Australia is the driest continent, its climate shocked early Europeans with its alternating extremes and it was quickly branded the Land of Drought and Flooding Rain, well over 100 years ago. The country has a long history of fire tragedy.

Most of the great historical bushfires in Australia have been named after the days they happened, such as Black Saturday, Black Friday, Ash Wednesday. Each of them were memorable due to a number of factors including how destructive they were and how many people die

The extreme Bushfire we are experiencing in Australia this summer has nothing to do with the UN’s money grabbing Climate Change theory and everything to do with State & Federal Governments allowing Green Environment Zealots to dismantle our Forestry Management regime over the last 40 years.

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Understanding the Australian bush, experts tell us 3 things effect the severity of Bush Fires in Australia,

1/ Weather: Heat & Humidity

2/ The Terrain

3/ The Forest Fuel Load

Reality tells us despite what the Media or the UN snake oil salesman tell you, Fact is nobody and nothing can control or manage numbers 1 & 2. No matter if you were to shut down Australia’s Coal industry next year, or if the government had shut it down in 2010 or back in 2000. It would not have made any difference and to say, suggest or infer that it could is worse than irresponsible, because it will get people killed.

What we can manage is number 3, The Fuel Load, what we call the forest fuel load is what feeds the fire, keeps it going but to effectively manage fuel load management it has to be done over time, in the preceding years, many years.

What is Fuel Load? It is the kindling like debris & regrowth that builds up in a forest. The Australian Bush is comparatively dry even when it looks green, fallen trees, branches & shed bark do not break down. Experts recommend forests be control burned in cooler months once fuel load exceeds 4 to 6 tonne of tinder dry kindling per hectare. Green Conservationists inside & outside our governments actively frustrate our ability to implement this professional advice.

Despite recent denials by Victoria’s Commissioner for Emergency Management, we do have numerous statements from Victorian Police in print and on social media, confirming numerous investigations where the suspected cause of Bush Fire is arson.

Recent studies have shown that instances of malicious intent in lighting a bush fire or arson are on the rise, with one long term study showing a doubling every decade.

Over many years in Victoria, between 25 and 45% of all the wildfires which occurred in or immediately adjacent to State forests and National parks were recorded as deliberately lit. In Western Australia, over the same period, the figures are almost identical. However within Victoria, some regions have recorded percentages as high as 70% nearer urbane areas and others as low as 5%. In the Shire of Shoalhaven on the New South Wales south coast, the percentage of deliberately lit wildfires in one year was recorded as 82%.

Nothing to do with Climate Change, everything to do with people lighting fires on days that aurhtorities and the Media have advertised as High or Catastrophic Fire Danger or Green idiots preventing planned hazard reduction burns.

These fires could never have burned so hot and out of control if the controlled burns recommended had been done on a cooler day as recommended and in some cases planned. Green protesters, conservation bureaucrats and politicians, obstruct and interfere to prevent hazard reduction burning, the same people, along with the media who encourage them, cause death & destruction on a massive scale then turn around and blame CO2.

Breaking Channel 9 story: Resident’s two and a half year battle to get Hazard Reduction Burn Permit – Click on the Link

Serious people must take this fight to the unconcionable Green politicians and their Media mates who blatently lie to the Nation and the world on a daily basis. They bash our governments with this UN Climate Hoax agenda, while we know, that it is they who ensure our forests are carrying murderous and explosive fuel loads when the inevitable dry season arrives. They are the Real Terrorists and yes if anyone is responsible for deaths in ferocious Australian Bushfires right now or in the furture it is and will be these people who take the public foucus away from what is the real cause and more importantly what we already know can and should be done to prevent further disarsters.

The Australian reality is over 40 years of Green Forrest Conservation politics has meant the end of logging, the end of horses and cattle grazing in forests and the end of proper forest management. The Australian Bush is naturally extremely flammable. Green influenced Environmental Policy has gutted the existing historically effective forest management regime, leaving a wreckless do nothing reality, as forrest fuel loads build to historically high and increasingly dangerous levels, guaranteeing future catastrophe.

The 2009 Black Saturday fires claimed the most lives, with 173 people. But the most destructive event, which happened in 1974 and burned 117 million hectares, does not have a name because most of the land was in central Australia and so it did not impact many communities.

Just think about that, England is 13 million hectares. “The 1974/75 fires had almost no impact and much of the damage was found by satellite after the fact,”


Death toll: 3 people in NSW

Damage: About 117 million hectares

During the summer between 1974 and 1975, Australia experienced its worst bushfire season in 30 years.

About 15 per cent of Australia’s physical land mass sustained extensive fire damage.


Death toll: 71 people

Damage: About 2 million hectares

The culmination of several years of drought in Victoria, January 13, also known as Black Friday, saw high temperatures and strong winds fan several fires, some which had been burning since early December, into a massive fire front.


Death toll: 12 people.

Damage: 5 million hectares burned, about a quarter of the state of Victoria.

Fires had been burning for a number of weeks but culminated on February 6 when temperatures reached 47C in the shade at 11am in Melbourne. The fires raged out of control from Barwon Heads, all the way to Mount Gambier in South Australia. Smoke haze travelled as far as Tasmania.

Studies show a controlled burn on a cool day with fuel load under 8 tonnes per hectare at 400 Deg C will not get anywhere near has hot as fires we have been seeing recently, meaning trees survive and animals have a chance to get away. That has nothing to do with Climate Change. It has everything to do with the fuel load and the conditions. Temperature in a Bush Fire rises exponentially as the fuel load is increased. Temperatures experienced in the worst fires can be 1,600 Deg C or 4 times that of a controlled burn at 4 or 5 tonne per hectare, that is because fuel load has build up to 30 or 40 tonnes per hectare over decades.

In recent decades Green Environmental politics including vegetation & ecosystem protection policies have prevented fire hazard reduction clearing & burning. We have Greens protesting & interfering on the ground to frustrate Fire Authority staff into calling off planned burns.

Horses & cattle once grazed in our forests, keeping regrowth under control. We once allowed selective logging to allow for younger trees to grow, logging companies maintained the fire tracks that fire fighters use to get their trucks in to fight a fire. Green Environmental politics has dismantled a forest management & fire prevention regime that once worked so well. In Australia it is inevitable that you will get 40+ degree days, in areas that have experienced months with no rain or humidity. The bush is extremely flammable. You will have fires.

Best ensure there is less of that extremely flammable fuel available to burn when the inevitable spark lights it up. Over 200 fires have been deliberately lit in the past 3 months.

This fire disaster has nothing to do with Climate Change & everything to do with laws & politics. Every extra decade allows another 10 tonnes per hectare of fuel to accumulate in our forests. We know the temperature of the inevitable fire when it does come, will be doubled for every decade the burn is delayed. After 40 or 50 years, if lit on a hot & windy day following a few months of dry, nothing can survive the heat.

If you really truly do care for the trees & animals in our forests, you would support a fire hazard reduction burn every 7 years or so. An average surface fire on the forest floor might have flames reaching 1 metre in height and can reach temperatures of 800°C (1,472°F) or more.

What do you think will make the biggest difference as to whether we are dealing with a 800 Deg C fire or a 1200 Deg C fire. Does anyone seriously think a 2 Deg C difference in air temperature is that important? Its all to do with the Fuel Load, the bark, branches & regrowth.

We know every 20 years parts of Australia will experience multi year drought, the bush will be extremely dry & combustible by late spring, early summer. The flash point, or the temperature at which wood will burst into flame, is 572°F, we know global warming or climate change has nothing to do with it. Every study confirms fire is part of the Australian summer and always has been, especially in drought years.

What has changed is the type & number of settlers. Increasing numbers of Ex Urban, Sea Change & Tree Change, keen Green Conservationists, climate change warriors have moved out into the fringes of the Aussie bush. With them comes a reluctance to clear or burn native vegetation. Whereas old school farmers, miners & loggers were quick to take responsibility and clear or burn any vegetation that might present a fire hazard to home or business. We now have 40 years of accumulated state & local government Green Tape, obviously dangerous fuel loads in our forests and people covering their own arse, blaming the climate.

The loggers are gone, the horses & cattle are no longer allowed to graze in National Forests, we are banned from collecting Fire Wood, Farmers are restricted in their ability to clear any vegetation, with tight restrictions on the clearing of fire breaks. So the fuel load builds.

If the forest is left for 5 to 7 years the trash & kindling might accumulate 8 tonne per hectare and we know it will burn closer to 800 deg C, but if we dither, refuse to do a hazard reduction burn and let it go a few decades more, then it might accumulate something like 30 tonnes per hectare. Now seriously, you are dealing with an unstopable moving hell at 1600 Deg C plus. Do you get it now?

Thus the critical life saving importance of Controlled Cool Hazard Reduction Burns.

In high risk forest areas Planned Cool Hazard Reduction Burns should be a legal requirement every 6 to 8 years, in order to keep the Forest Combustible fuel load within manageable limits. Fire Authorities should be freed from the politics of State conservation departments & local green councils. It should be a criminal offence to interfere with Fire Authority Employees when they are carrying out an authorised Controlled Hazard Reduction Burn.

That is something the Australian Government could do to start ensuring its people are safer in the future.

Written by Brendan Power for

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