TRUMP will concede: But for our lives, for his nation, for love of the people, he lays down the sword and sees the crown pass to a thief.

As a defeated Trump, great President that he has been, is moved out of office – by Bartholomew Chiaroscuro, who always puts my thoughts into perfect words:

Just watched Trump’s speech. First, that is not the speech of a President who has signed the Insurrection Act and is about to launch a military response to the stolen election.

I understand why people have held that hope. I think myself it would be entirely justified. But shouldn’t we admit now that it isn’t going to happen?

Second, no matter how great our disappointment that Trump isn’t going to cross the Rubicon, we can see in that speech why.

He ran for President because he loves his country.

He supported and supports strong borders because he loves his country.

He opposed the Deep State and all its vile corruption because he loves his country.

He was removed by fraud because he loves his country and those who removed him do not. He fought with every legal means he could against a corrupt system and two corrupt parties and a media for whom the word corruption is insufficient, because he loves his country.

He loves America, and that, after these four years, is astonishing. Because for all that the vast majority of his countrymen and women, the good, the decent majority love him back, he has been the most unjustly maligned and most unappreciated President in history.

Almost all of the people in power have worked against him, even, we know now, his own Vice President. The people in the Senate and the Congress do not love America, and that is why they never loved Trump. They love business as usual. They love jobs for life and jobs for the boys. They love corruption and treason.

Trump loves America and the people of America. Not the other billionaires, not the power brokers of Washington. He loves the border patrol agent who is risking his life, and he loves the ordinary family living on the border whose lives must be protected.

He loves the people.

That is why he will not act as Lincoln acted, although the provocation has been severe enough to warrant it.

After all the demonisation and all the talk of what a tyrant he is, he will let go of the crown. Why?

He earned it again. He won. He is the legitimate legal and elected President.

He has fought this far with every ounce of strength and character a man may show.

Why stop?

It is not cowardice. It is not betrayal, like Pence.

It is love. Love of America and of the people.

He knows the fight against the fraudulent vote can only continue with bloodshed. And he doesn’t want the people hurt.

He is the opposite of everything the media say he is.

And that will be what I remember. That he was a champion of the people first, second and last, and perhaps the last barrier in the world between our lives and those who hate us.

But for our lives, for his nation, for love of the people, he lays down the sword and sees the crown pass to a thief.

It is in the end his decency that is his weakness, and his strength. Without it he would be the same as his enemies, our enemies, but with it they can win.

A fool is broken by his vices. Only a great man may be broken by his virtue.

U.S. President Donald Trump

President Donald J Trump “The very best of men”.

“A man so clean in spirit he makes them feel dirty in his presence, that is why they must be rid of him.”

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