TRUMP TRIUMPHANT: WINS PRESIDENTIAL RACE, Calls it Giving Trump at least 275 to 279 Electoral College Votes on the day.

TRUMP WINS, CONGRATULATIONS MR PRESIDENT, the Donald takes FLORIDA, OHIO, IOWA, NORTH CAROLINA, GEORGIA, WISCONSIN, MICHIGAN, UTAH, IDAHO and More. is about ready to call this election as Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin and Michigan look to fall to the Donald.

Congratulations to Mr President Donald J Trump and his team, you are all, Champions and your Country and the Free World salute you for a job well done.


Australia has Real Concerns China’s State Controled Enterprises not Free Enterprise, Just Business Front for a Communist Political Mob

Chinese companies claim they are ‘treated unfairly’ by Australia Posted by Craig Hill China‘s state-owned companies may be deterred from investing in Australia because they are being treated unfairly, a Chinese business leader says. Chairman of the China Chamber of Commerce in Australia, Hu Shanjun, said Australia was still a popular place for Chinese groups to…