TRUMP & PUTIN to FOCUS on REAL THREAT: ISLAM! World Just Missed a Bullet, with Clinton on track for War with Russia

Mr Trump repeatedly vowed to crush the monstrous death cult – which has carried out several attacks in the US – during his election campaign.

And he praised the ruthless Russian president for “bombing the hell” out of ISIS strongholds in war-torn Syria and Iraq.


Putin: Russia Hopes to See Donald Trump in the White House

Hope: World Leaders Vladimir Putin and Donald Trump Can Work Together Putin: Russia hopes to see Donald Trump in the White House, as he fully understands the impending threat of terrorism emanating from Saudi Arabia, Clinton is a termagant wife who bears the disgrace of supporting terrorists in Syria” Sun, 17 Apr 2016 (Vladivostok, Russia)…

Explosive WWIII Risk: EU and NATO need to cut Turkey Loose, Vladimir Putin is Serious, Turkey, Iran and Saudi playing Dangerous Political Game over Islamic Caliphate

Moscow claims Turkey is planning to INVADE Syria after discovering ‘hidden preparations of armed forces’ Russian military claims it has ‘reasonable grounds’ to suspect an invasion Images of Turkish-Syrian border show buildup of transport infrastructure Official says it could be used for moving of troops, ammo and weapons Russia-Turkey ties strained after Russian warplane downed…