SICK CLINTON CRIMES: Corruption, Drugs, the Sickening Stench of so many Deaths, Abused Women, Lives Ruined

Kath Willy & Juanita Broaddrick have their say on Bill and Hillary Clinton

These women have fought for the right to be heard, the right to be taken seriously by the main stream media that chooses to ignore them, they talk of gross sexual abuse by a serial sexual predator and pervert in William Jefferson Clinton one time President of the USA.


MASSIVE GLOBAL COOLING process discovered as Fraudulent UN Climate Change “Enforcement Framework” Sells Out National Soveriegnty on a global scale

MASSIVE GLOBAL COOLING process discovered as Traitors Sign us up for New UN  Climate Change authority “enforcement framework” granting global  environment and sustainability policing powers.   “As world leaders sign Paris Accord for the latest pact on cutting CO2 emissions, it has emerged that there isn’t as much urgency about the matter as had been thought. A…

AGW Climate Change Fraudsters Proved Wrong Again and Again and Again, what will it take?

Global Warming Theory Suffers A Catastrophic Setback Posted: February 16, 2016 | Author: Climatism | Filed under: Al Gore, Alarmism Debunked, Arctic, Climate Change, Climatism, CO2 (Carbon Dioxide), Fact Check, Failed Climate Models, Global Cooling | Tags: arctic, arctic ice scam, carbon dioxide, Climate Change, CO2, global cooling |4 Comments Warming fears are the “worst scientific…

Lebanon’s 70% Christian Majority Once Welcomed Muslim Refugees, Now they are a Persecuted Minority In Their Own Land.

European Parliament Recognizes ISIS Killing of Religious Minorities as Genocide By Jack Moore On 2/4/16 at 1:09 PM Displaced people from the minority Yazidi sect, fleeing violence from forces loyal to ISIS in Sinjar town, walk towards the Syrian border on the outskirts of Sinjar mountain near the Syrian border town of Elierbeh of Al-Hasakah…