Its HUGE: “OH SHIT MOMENT”as HILLARY Campaign Impaled on FBI’s WEINER Paedophile PROBE

As FBI investigators involved in the Weiner Probe were confronted with far more than evidence of The Weiner Brandishing his engorged bits, they came across emails relevant to the Clinton Email Scandal.

It appears that the FBI’s Blanket Immunity covering all State Department and DOJ Clinton Operatives was only partially effective in covering up the full extent of deceit as the Implied Limited Legal Intent only covered those with a Vagina, leaving the Weiner Publicly Exposed.

Some have speculated that Abedin may have sought to have her estranged husband indemnified from an upcoming probe, a clear violation of Clinton’s status as a lawmaker. While others wonder if the emails could potentially reveal issues about the motivations and setup of the private server which led to calls for an investigation into Clinton in the first place.


Call off The Dogs, Appeal to Murdoch’s Decency, Wiki Emails meet Public Interest Test, American People Have a Right to Truth before they Vote.

Rupert Murdoch is in a position to make the difference, he can continue to allow this farce to go on, or he can do the reasonable and decent thing and instruct his people to utilise the Wikileaks emails as a legitimate source as every self respecting journalist should.

This continueing boycott of Wikileaks emails, shows contempt for the American electorate and the future wellbeing of a country that adopted him as a citizen in good faith.

To date the Media Pack has disgraced it profession, displaying the same fawning obedience to the Soros Globalist agenda as exposed for all to see in the latest Podesta email involving Loretta Lynch responding with

Everybody Loves Donald as Trump surges to Clear Lead over a Criminal Alternative in Hillary Clinton and her Media Mates

Hillary Clinton has frequently lambasted Donald Trump for painting a dark and scary view of our status as a nation.

Trump is not engaging in some creative writing experiment—he is speaking the truth.

We see the riots, angst, poverty, intentionally sparked racial division, moral corruption, crumbling streets, and failing schools with our own eyes.

Donald Trump is a wealthy man, but he did not hire actors to go out and fulfil scripted roles to depict a nation in trouble. We ARE a nation in trouble.

The nation is teetering on the brink of disaster on many fronts. It has taken decades to reach the boiling point, but we are there, folks.
We are witnessing a moment in History bigger even than Ronald Reagan, When the Worlds Media laughed at Reagan as a senile old actor who knew nothing of foreign relations, could not be Trusted with the Nuclear Button and would lead us to Mutually Assured Destruction, he proved them all wrong by working with Margaret Thatcher and Mikhail Gorbachev Reagan to bring an end to the Cold War and bring down the Berlin Wall.

Donald Trump has a much bigger challenge, he must lead the Free World back to a focus on Family, Community, Local Jobs, Nationhood, National Pride and National Freedom from an advanced Globalist Agenda being pushed by the International Socialists and a Broad alliance of Financiers, Arab Muslim Nations and a big part of the developing world through the UN and the Clinton Global Initiative.

CLINTON RAPE: Bill Clinton Told Me ‘Hillary Had Eaten More Pussy Than He Had’; Gennifer Flowers

  “When rumours surfaced recently of an affair between Hillary Clinton and her transition office chief, Huma Abedin, 37, Gennifer was not surprised” calls Bullshit on Media Outrage over decades old Trump “Pussy” comments. Questions a Professional Journalist would ask; Did the Clintons employ White House and State Department Staff for Sex? “Nixon Cover up…

SICK CLINTON CRIMES: Corruption, Drugs, the Sickening Stench of so many Deaths, Abused Women, Lives Ruined

Kath Willy & Juanita Broaddrick have their say on Bill and Hillary Clinton

These women have fought for the right to be heard, the right to be taken seriously by the main stream media that chooses to ignore them, they talk of gross sexual abuse by a serial sexual predator and pervert in William Jefferson Clinton one time President of the USA.