TRUMP & PUTIN to FOCUS on REAL THREAT: ISLAM! World Just Missed a Bullet, with Clinton on track for War with Russia

Mr Trump repeatedly vowed to crush the monstrous death cult – which has carried out several attacks in the US – during his election campaign.

And he praised the ruthless Russian president for “bombing the hell” out of ISIS strongholds in war-torn Syria and Iraq.


TRUMP TRIUMPHANT: WINS PRESIDENTIAL RACE, Calls it Giving Trump at least 275 to 279 Electoral College Votes on the day.

TRUMP WINS, CONGRATULATIONS MR PRESIDENT, the Donald takes FLORIDA, OHIO, IOWA, NORTH CAROLINA, GEORGIA, WISCONSIN, MICHIGAN, UTAH, IDAHO and More. is about ready to call this election as Florida, Ohio, Wisconsin and Michigan look to fall to the Donald.

Congratulations to Mr President Donald J Trump and his team, you are all, Champions and your Country and the Free World salute you for a job well done.

WEINER, PODESTA, MAXWELL CHILD ABDUCTION COVER-UP, Madeleine McCann Witnesses Described Clinton’s Senior Staff and Associates.

They have a face for their prime suspect – now Scotland Yard detectives need a name to go with it as they launch a new bid to solve the six-year riddle of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance.

Two e-fits of the mystery man were issued yesterday after two witnesses came forward to say that they saw him in the Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz around the time the youngster, then aged three, went missing.

Det Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, who is leading the re-opened hunt, said: “While this man may or may not be the key to unlocking this investigation, tracing and speaking to him is of vital importance to us.”

He added: “The e-fits are clear and I would ask the public to look very carefully at them and if they know who he is to please come forward.”

What do you think, but I will warn you they just happen to be two of the most influential political lobbyists in Washington DC, with one of them given credit for Bill Clinton and Barak Obama Presidencies, now running Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign. WOW just do not go there ok, so back to looking for him, the one guy that just happens to look like both of these brothers.

KABOOM”: Clinton Foundation in Colombia, Best Case Study of a SCAM.

The Clinton Foundation Colombia Scam

By Daniel John Sobieski

That the Clinton Foundation’s operations are nothing but a cash cow scam is seen in a brilliant analysis and exposé of its operations in Colombia, a country beset by internal strife and an ongoing battle with drug cartels.

The truth, as reported by Ken Silverman and the American Media Institute in Fusion, a joint venture of ABC and Univision, hardly Trump surrogates, explains in part how the Clintons amassed a small fortune without holding any job or running any business:

Its HUGE: “OH SHIT MOMENT”as HILLARY Campaign Impaled on FBI’s WEINER Paedophile PROBE

As FBI investigators involved in the Weiner Probe were confronted with far more than evidence of The Weiner Brandishing his engorged bits, they came across emails relevant to the Clinton Email Scandal.

It appears that the FBI’s Blanket Immunity covering all State Department and DOJ Clinton Operatives was only partially effective in covering up the full extent of deceit as the Implied Limited Legal Intent only covered those with a Vagina, leaving the Weiner Publicly Exposed.

Some have speculated that Abedin may have sought to have her estranged husband indemnified from an upcoming probe, a clear violation of Clinton’s status as a lawmaker. While others wonder if the emails could potentially reveal issues about the motivations and setup of the private server which led to calls for an investigation into Clinton in the first place.