Dominion Voting System “Designed to Create Systemic Fraud”

Two separate reports from Michigan and Nevada showing that the Vote Scanning software is intentionally and purposefully designed to ensure that 68% of votes in one case and 70% in the other report as an error, therefore needing to be referred for adjudication, where an operator has the ability to change the intention of the vote before accepting it.

“We conclude that the Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results. The system intentionally generates an enormously high number of ballot errors. The electronic ballots are then transferred for adjudication.”

“The allowable election error rate established by the Federal Election Commission guidelines is of 1 in 250,000 ballots (.0008%). We observed an error rate of 68.05%. This demonstrated a significant and fatal error in security and election integrity.”

“Significantly, the computer system shows vote adjudication logs for prior years; but all adjudication log entries for the 2020 election cycle are missing. The adjudication process is the simplest way to manually manipulate votes. The lack of records prevents any form of audit accountability, and their conspicuous absence is extremely suspicious since the files exist for previous years using the same software.” Continue reading Dominion Voting System “Designed to Create Systemic Fraud”